Summer is here and that means lots of sport is being played including many Cricket Matches. If you signup by December 13th you can watch Kayo Sports for 2 months spending only $5 total.

Before you signup though, it’s best to check if your TV, games console or streaming device has the Kayo app, otherwise, you’ll have to watch on your phone or tablet which is not as nice as a big screen sports experience.

Choose the convenient way to watch Kayo cricket matches at home and create a comfortable cricket viewing experience for yourself, or custom lapel pins for yourself to create a live-like viewing atmosphere and a strong fun experience.

Which devices don’t support Kayo

First of all if a Fetch Box, Xbox or an Amazon Fire TV stick are the only live streaming app enabled devices connected to your TV then you can’t watch Kayo on them.

The Kayo website advises that unfortunately, they do not support Kayo on Xbox at the present time. They expect to be able to support Kayo on this platform in the near future.

They also advised me at this stage there are “no plans to expand Kayo to Amazon streaming devices”, which includes Fire TV Sticks and Echo Show smart displays.

Regarding Fetch Mighty and Mini boxes I would be amazed if Foxtel ever enabled Kayo for these devices because Fetch and Foxtel are direct competitors in the streaming subscription TV set top box space.

Foxtel does it’s best to try and reduce Fetch channels/content eg: recently making a deal with CNN so Foxtel devices and services are the only way to watch CNN live in Australia. Before that CNN was available as a subscription channel on Fetch and Foxtel.

Devices which can be used to watch Kayo

These are all the ways you can watch Kayo Sports:

  • Apple TV: tvOS 11+. Apple TV 4th Generation or higher
  • Android TV: Version 7.0 and above
  • Samsung TV: 2017 and later models
  • Telstra TV Box: TTV1, TTV2 & TTV3
  • Hisense Smart TV: Selected 2019-2020 models running VIDAA U3 and U4 software and 2021 models running Vidaa U5 software.
  • LG TV: Selected LG TVs (2018 models or later) using WebOS 4 and above
  • PlayStation: PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Chromecast: Ultra models or later (including Chromecast with Google TV and Chromecast 3rd Generation). Chromecast 1st Generation is no longer supported by Kayo
  • iOS: 11+ phones and tablets
  • Android: 6+ phones and tablets
  • Web Browser: MacOS 10.12+ or Windows 10/11
  • Apple Airplay: iOS 11+ device
  • HDMI cable: A compatible mobile phone or laptop, A TV with an HDMI port with a minimum requirement of HDCP 1.4, an HDMI cable with a minimum requirement of HDCP 1.4, An On-The-Go (OTG) USB adaptor or a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) adaptor
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fetch doesnt care and not interested in doing business with foxtel foxtel is an enemy to fetch fetch should not beg or get bing app or kayo both are shit apps anyway if binge and kayo are so serious , they should make the apps ready for fire tv they dont need to develop the app again same android tv apps apk works same on fire tv all they need to do as upload the same apk file official to fire tv store like how hard to do that ? thats why foxtel always going down because the refusal of… Read more »


I have the Kayo Sports app, $5 per month 1st year Telstra deal, which is great for watching AFL (or ARL etc). Unfortunately it runs out in March 2022 and I’m not that interested in the cricket so I cancelled it last week. I’m not interested in sports enough to spend $25 per month. It is a great app though, and sharing it with family works well. It would make a great Christmas present as you can share screens with 2 or 3 people. It also states that it is 2 (or 3 depending on the plan) screens at the… Read more »


You can sideload the Kayo APK to a firestick and it works fine. I use it several times a week. Just use the Downloadr app.


I agree, if Kayo was allowed on the firestick , i would get rid of my Foxtel.

I know nothing about sideloading, but may have to research it.


Kayo Sports works perfectly on Fire TV by sideloading the Android TV apk.


Used downloader to install the Kayo Sports for Android TV apk to the firestick