It might seem redundant given the size of phones these days, but the OnePlus Pad — at least the concept — has piqued my interest. Being an unashamed fan of OnePlus, the OnePlus Pad featuring Android 12L looks nice as a complementary device.

Any knowledge or leaks about the expected specs are pretty rare at this point with only a EUIPO filing available. Unfortunatley, we don’t have any real details or a release date. It seems though, that it may be aimed at India — at least initially — alone at launch.

On top of this, the timeline is pretty broad offering only the “first half of 2022” as a potential release date. We hope to learn more in the coming weeks about the OnePlus Pad.

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Yet again more pointless gushing over a Chinese mob which steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the existence of the Ausfailian mobile market.