Ecovacs’ latest robot vacuum making its debut at Aldi promises to be the most powerful one yet..

The Deebot Neo features a newly designed vacuum motor with pressure retention that nearly doubles the last Ecovacs model sold at Aldi.

Deebot Neo can also deal with mopping the floor; its electronically controlled water tank and pump allows this robot to do the mopping and vacuuming in one pass. Thankfully, it’s smart enough to avoid carpeted surfaces while doing the mopping.

This new robot is compatible with Ecovacs’ existing Auto-Empty Station, which can hold 2.5 litres of debris.

Ecovacs’ app allows you to customise Deebot Neo’s route around your house. You can restrict the robot from areas you don’t want it to enter, and view its current position while it’s cleaning.

Deebot Neo’s object detection is significantly improved over previous Aldi models. This robot can detect objects as small as ten centimetres from up to ten metres away.

This new robot will be available at Aldi as part of the Special Buys program from 9th March for $399 while stocks last.

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    Ok this gets better and better.

    A lot of the features I thought were missing have now appeared.

    You can draw a box on the map and send it to vacuum just that area.

    You can assign rooms on the map, merge and divide them to get your spaces then rename to make it easy. Divide is a bit buggy in the app. You can set no mop zones and out of bounds areas.

    Scheduling can be assigned by room. Eg go and sweep around the dining table and kitchen counter after the kids go to school.


    I got one of these yesterday, pretty impressed so far. My first robot vacuum so wasn’t sure what to expect. Overall it cleans well, takes a while (about 1m2 per minute) but it’s a robot so who cares! The app is decent, the mapping is pretty cool how it builds a layout of your place using friggin laser beams. If I move the chairs up against a wall on some clean area of floor it can work them out pretty well. It doesn’t seem to choose great routes so far, maybe that’s a learning thing. It’s slow feeling its’ way… Read more ยป


    Thanks for the feedback Andrew, am looking at buying this sucker.