OPPO and the Taronga Conservation Society are working together to actively reduce the number of smartphones that end up in landfill through a new device donation program to collect, recycle and refurbish unwanted phones, tablets and accessories.

OPPO Australia’s Managing Director, Michael Tran announced the new partership:

“At OPPO, we are committed to exercising our corporate social responsibility to address both local and global environmental challenges to proactively make a positive change”.

“Every year millions of smartphones are discarded and end up in landfill. The environmental impact is unfathomable, but every little bit we can do will help to minimise that impact. So we’re encouraging everyone to actively donate their old, unwanted phones, so they can be properly recycled and diverted from landfill that will create unnecessary waste.

We see the partnership as an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and amplify the sustainability efforts of Taronga Conservation Society dedicated to preserving our nature”.

Leila Davis, Divisional Director, MCF at Taronga Conservation Society Australia said:

“We are thrilled to have OPPO Australia on board as a new Corporate Partner providing valuable support to Taronga Conservation Society Australia. We look forward to amplifying mobile phone recycling through the partnership”.

The partnership is the latest sustainability announcement from OPPO, as earlier in the year the brand announced its commitment to building a global supply chain that is safe, accountable and sustainable. A few of the other sustainability focused initiatives detailed this year from OPPO include:

  • Plastic usage in packaging material has been reduced by up to 95% in 2021 compared to 2019, and about 45% of the packaging material comes from recycled fiber.
  • To increase product durability, OPPO has introduced the self-developed Battery Health Engine to increase the lifespan of its batteries. With this innovative technology, the battery capacity is able to be maintained at as high as 80% after up to 1600 charging-discharging cycles, doubling industry standard.
  • Establishing service and repair centres across major cities in Australia, allowing customers to return outdated models for OPPO to recycle and reuse. Alongside regularly donating older models to charities and partners.

Recycling is great but we at Ausdroid would like to remind readers that Reuse is even better.

So if you’re upgrading your phone or tablet and your old one still works, check if someone in your family can use it.

Often children and seniors have less high technical requirements for gadgets and can use an older device for another year or two before it needs to be recycled.

Another option if your family doesn’t need your old phone is to sell it online via eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or any of the online phone buying websites. Even if the phone is out of warranty you still might get $100-$200 or more.