Sony has a history of delivering outstanding audio equipment and the LinkBuds S looks to continue that. They’re designed for all-day wear, comfort and an immersing experience. The LinkBuds S come with spatial sound to increase the experience for the wearer; whether it’s listening to audio or playing games.

The earbuds weigh just 4.8 grams so you’ll barely notice their presence, except for the great audio and noise cancelling. You’re not locked into that closed audio environment, however:

LinkBuds S can automatically switch between noise cancelling and ambient sound modes, without having to touch your headphones or access your phone.

Some of this is based on ambient sound and the potential need for awareness of your surroundings. From personal experience, it’s worth allowing the Sony headphones app access to your location, maximising the convenience of automatic changes. While there’s not a great deal engineers can do with earbuds, Sony’s team have designed them to sit in the ear and not pull at your ear canal.

If you’re on the move, the precise voice pickup technology will ensure that your calls are clear for both parties. When your call is over and your tunes kick in, the 5mm driver in the earbuds will pack a punch. As always though, a good fit will ensure the best possible audio experience. With the Sony LDAC audio codec on board, you’ll get crisp and clear audio that will impress even picky listeners.

The whole experience is simple from the initial Fast Pair to your Android device through to daily use. Controls are intuitive and simple whether by touch or voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. You’ll be able to enjoy up to 6 hours of playback on a full charge with 14 further hours in the case. If you’re caught short on battery, just 5 minutes on charge will top up an extra hour of playback.

If they’re sounding like something you might want to take a closer look at, they’ll be available in late June for AU$349.95 in retail outlets.

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I always enjoy the articles on the site even though I am mainly surrounded by Apple gear, but it looks like the photos of the earphones on the article are the Linkbuds rather than the Linkbuds S.