Amazon Australia has a new Automotive Part Finder, a tool which enables customers to shop by vehicle and find parts and accessories manufactured to fit their car.

Obviously there are many sources of car parts online and Amazon may not have your part available or it might not be the cheapest source.

However it’s always good to have more choices and if you have an Amazon Prime subscription already this could be a good way to buy car parts without paying extra for shipping.

Ian Bradley, Head of Automotive, Amazon Australia said:

“Australians love taking to the open road and exploring the great outdoors. With the announcement of Automotive Part Finder on, we’re excited to make it even more convenient for our customers to find the right parts and accessories easily for their vehicles. Not only can customers shop products for their car more easily, but they can conveniently purchase any other items they may need before heading off on a road trip”

Part Finder matches from a range of more than 100,000 vehicle specific products such as
windscreen wiper blades, light bulbs, brake pads, filters and more, to a number of Australia’s most popular cars from the last decade.

Research commissioned by Amazon Australia found that 43% of Australians plan on travelling somewhere in Australia this winter, with those planning on a road trip (31%) far exceeding those planning to fly domestically (12%). Whilst most (83%) Aussies love going on road trips, 39% admit to feeling stressed about the preparation required.

Amazon’s Automotive Part Finder feature can help alleviate stress by making it easier for Aussies to get their car road trip ready. Customers can now enter their vehicle’s brand, model, year, series and engine type to browse products designed specifically for their car.

This tool will be of particular benefit to the 21% of Aussies that are held back from doing their own basic maintenance because they don’t know what parts fit their car, and the 15% that do not know where to look for parts.

Automotive Part Finder also allows customers to save several different vehicles in their very own virtual Amazon Garage to easily shop vehicle specific items on site.