Samsung has been an industry leader in NAND storage and memory for years, and the giant just announced its latest portable solid-state drive, the T7 Shield in Australia.

This latest addition to Samsung’s portable SSD lineup, the T7 Shield promises consistently reliable performance and durability while maintaining a compact size. Samsung has equipped this PSSD with a fingerprint sensor, which can provide users with convenience while enhancing data security.

Samsung has put a lot of effort into the reliability and durability of the T7 Shield. This PSSD is IP65-rated for dust and water-proof (low-pressure jets). It is designed to keep its users’ data protected even in the event of an accidental drop or contact with liquids.

The T7 Shield is Samsung’s most durable PSSD to date in the consumer market, ideal for outdoor creators or on-the-go use who need massive data storage. This product weighs only 98 grams, which is outstanding among similar products in this category.

The T7 Shield offers an up-to-date fastest transfer speed based on USB 3.2 Gen2 with a read speed up to 1,050MB/s and a write speed of 1,000MB/s. This is about twice as fast as most of the portable SSDs currently available on the market.

Samsung redesigns both the inside and outside of this product, making it possible to mitigate the performance loss during large file transfers and minimise the heat generation at the same time; consumers get the best of both worlds.

T7 Shield comes with a three-year limited warranty and is now available in beige, black and blue colours. It comes in two storage sizes at 1TB (RRP $239.00) and 2TB (RRP $459.00). Users will get two USB cables from the package — a USB Type-A to C, and a USB Type-C to C (I wish other manufacturers would do the same).