For most of us, scams are a pain; they waste time and usually make us wonder how people fall for them. The problem is that plenty of people fall for them, which is why they continue.

One of the more recent additions to the SMS scams includes one which is disturbingly easy to fall for. A note that you’ve got an expiring e-toll bill due. If you’ve recently travelled through tolls or interstate to toll areas, it’s easy to believe it’s legitimate.

Out of this, it’s important to remember that:

  • Links will always be from official domains, so read them carefully
  • Banks and other official organisations will never ask you for passwords
  • If you’re suspicious, hang up and call the organisation on their listed phone number

The best way to maintain your online security is with good password practices and two-factor authentication. Be careful online, and don’t ever trust calls or messages from unknown numbers.

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    this is such an annoying issue

    I get these crap messages daily