There’s a new Telstra Wholesale MVNO in town aiming to provide value prepaid plans and hassle free connectivity with bundled devices.

There are three Konec Mobile prepaid plans to choose from, with the 45GB/$60 for 90 days recharge probably being the best value. The other two options 22GB/$25 and 42GB/$35 match competitor Telstra Wholesale MVNO ALDI Mobile.

All three plans include data banking and data gifting between Konec Mobile customers. 5G and Family plans are not available yet, the plan is to have these by end of 2022. First level support is located in Manila (Philippines) and second level support in Sydney.

Konec Mobile is working with various partners to bring value bundles to customers where it combines its prepaid mobile plans with a product or service offering. This is especially relevant in today’s context where household budgets are tightening due to inflation and rising costs of living.

To start with Konec Mobile is offering an AUD $199 bundle which includes a $25 SIM offering 22GB of data with OPPO’s new A57s smartphone.

Jack Chang, Konec Mobile’s General Manager commented:

“This bundle with the OPPO A57s will be the first in a series of products being bundled with Konec.

Big W was our partner of choice as we see great synergy with their customer base. The launch bundle is perfect for anyone wanting great value and a quality device without the exorbitant price tag.

We’re also in talks with different partners – both hardware and service providers – and we hope to introduce many more bundles that will bring added value to customers.”

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