Last night MG Motor Australia and New Zealand launched a refreshed 2022 version of it’s ZS EV model mid size SUV.

If the launch pricing stays as announced, the MG ZS EV will maintain it’s status as one of the two best value electric vehicles available in the Australian market, alongside BYD’s Atto 3.

The entry level MG ZS EV ‘Excite’ is priced at $44,990 drive away, while the ‘Essence’ variation with more extras including a sunroof, front seat heating & roof rails is priced at $48,990 drive away.

The new 2022 ZS EV features a exterior makeover, complemented by new battery technology that delivers a WLTP driving range of 320km, up 57km from the 263km range sported by the 2021 model.

New 50kW combined charging system (CCS) capability means you can get up to 80% charge in 54 minutes.

The ZS EV features a 10.1” colour touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can also monitor the real time performance of your MG ZS EV with an upgraded 7” digital instrument cluster, directly in your field of vision for quick adjustments on the road.

A revised solid front fascia improves aerodynamics while retaining the front-mounted charging port. LED lighting clusters front and rear also add a striking touch to the mid-sized electric SUV.

The new ZS EV comes with a 7-year, unlimited kilometre battery warranty to complement MG’s 7-year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

The new ZS EV will also offer owners its own app-based software architecture, known as iSmart, which is backed by Amazon’s AWS cloud-based system.

This will allow owners to perform over-the-air updates, remote AC control and door locking, real-time navigation, ‘find my car’ parking lot search, live weather updates and stream audio from Amazon Music.

In a first for MG you can power devices using the 2022 ZS EV vehicle to load (V2L) function, drawing down on the electricity stored in the car battery. This requires a V2L connector accessory, available for purchase at authorised MG Motor dealerships.

Both the ‘Excite’ and ‘Essence’ models come in a range of five colours: Brighton Blue Metallic; York White; Pebble Black; Sloane Silver Metallic and Diamond Red Metallic.

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What I dislike about the MG ZS is that you can buy the petrol engine for $22,990. Is the electric version worth $22k more, especially when it come with the design compromises of a platform that also supports ICE.


hmm…charging port on the bumper is a bummer, when u get hit it will effect the port and cost a lot


How many accidents per year do you have? Unless you put the charging port in the middle of the roof, it’s always going to be vulnerable to a hit wherever it is located.

Paul Warner

Can’t say I like the location of the LCD panel. I prefer the Mazda and Toyota way of having at eye level so you don’t have to glance down to look at a map or navigation pr anything else on the display.