When it comes to DIY home security, Ring is one of the first, and certainly biggest names in the market. Leading way with video doorbells from the first generation, now expanding the home security arsenal. The most recent additions are evolutionary on previous generations of devices.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

The Spotlight Cam Pro adds another device to the range which offers radar vision on your property. The 3D motion detection technology brings clearer vision and insight into who is on your property and exactly where with an aerial map view of motion events in front of your device.

The Spotlight Cam Pro also includes the full suite of features you’ve come to expect from Ring devices. This includes two-way talk, a siren, night vision, pre-roll and light to provide clearer night vision.

Spotlight Cam Pro will be available for pre-order with Battery and Plug-In options for $329 and Spotlight Cam Pro Solar for $359

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus

The Spotlight Cam Plus is the next generation of the Spotlight camera with a modern new look. The features of the previous generation of Spotlight Cam have come to the new, offering a siren (automatic or manual) to ward off unwanted family visitors, lights for safety and visibility, as well as rich notifications and features you get with the Ring Protect subscription.

Like the Pro model, the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus will be rolled out with several power modes, including Solar for $319.00, Battery for $289.00 and Plug-In also costing $289.00.

On the surface, they’re evolutionary changes to the hardware and given the quality of previous generations wholesale changes seem unnecessary. If you’re keen to see more, check out the Ring website or head for your preferred local retailer.