It’s a fact of life these days that there are significant stresses in our lives; work, family, social pressures and of course, finances. There are ways to save some significant amounts of money over time, but it seems Aussies are either loyal or too lazy to pursue it.

Boost Mobile is often recognised as a brand that fights for the people, as evidenced by its founder telling users not to buy 5G and the recent statement by Jason Haynes, General Manager, Boost Mobile:

“As a brand that has been fighting for value for Australians for more than 20 years, it has always been important for us to listen to consumers and make sure we are doing what we can to provide great value. This research shows that there is significant financial hardship facing many Australians that may be going unreported,”

As part of this, the company has assembled data that shows financial concerns are topping the stress list and has a solution.

The Research

Stats are rarely exciting, but they do give a lot of information so we’ve selected some key stats to share out of a lot that are available to highlight market status and buyer needs. The data is based on both metro and regional areas with Boost Mobile taking on 18 regional cities to get a true lay of the land. From Albury and Orange in New South Wales, to Bendigo and Ballarat in Victoria, Mackay and Rockhampton in Queensland and beyond. It’s worth noting that this isn’t exhaustive, but based on the people surveyed:

  • 90% have changed buying decisions with 30% making significant changes
  • 11.5% of metro respondents and 16.5% regional are kept awake and night thinking about financial stresses
  • The top 5 stresses include: Groceries, Transport, Electricity, Rent/Mortgage and Mobile phone costs
  • Despite cost concerns and potential savings, over 70% have remained with their mobile carrier for over 2 years
  • Calls are becoming less important while Messaging continues to grow

There’s a lot to take onboard there, but it would be pretty reasonable to assume some, if not all of those points ring true with a majority of Australians.

What is Boost offering?

Boost as an MNVO has a lot going for it and from my perspective — this is not sponsored — I’ve had an outstanding experience with Boost Mobile, the coverage, cost and other benefits have far outweighed the time it took to switch.

A couple of the benefits are access to the full Telstra network without needing to pay Telstra’s prices, excellent value on data rollover and, although not limited to Boost clients, a solid range of refurbished devices available for further cost savings.

Haynes commented that:

“At Boost Mobile, we are all about providing quality product, great value and convenience for all Australians with our SIM Plans and refurbished phones. Boost Mobile is on the full Telstra mobile network. This covers one million square kilometres more than any other mobile network in Australia – that is almost the same size as NSW and Victoria combined.”

The plans available cover some very budget conscious levels at $16 per month with 10GB of data included through to 12 month expiry plans that include 260GB of data. Currently (first recharge before 28 Nov and third before 24th Jan) those longer expiry SIMs currently come with a bonus data of between 10 and 20 GB on the first recharge, while 28 day SIMs will get 20 – 65GB for the first three recharges.

I’m saving $336.00 per year on my mobile costs after switching from Telstra to Boost and am not capped on my speeds being on a “low value” plan. It just takes a little time to do some research and you could be saving hundreds of dollar, potentially a lot more for a household.

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I like Boost and my wife uses a Boost 12 month sim. But you should stop calling them monthly as you actually make 13 payments a year not 12 due to the 28 day expiry.