After some discussion on the subject recently, including a response from it’s founder, Boost Mobile has — somewhat unceremoniously turned on international roaming for customers.

The change is welcomed by many and was announced by Peter Adderton on his social media. This addresses one of the very few viable arguments I’ve had from people as to why they won’t switch.

As you would expect, being on the full Telstra retail network, there are some terms and conditions involved, including the need to buy an international roaming pack, including data for your trip.

The roaming packs aren’t huge in terms of allowance and are fairly pricy:

  • $40 gets you 5GB of data, 60 minutes of calls, 60 SMS and expires after 14 days
  • $30 gets you 3GB of data, 30 minutes of calls, 30 SMS and expires after 7 days
  • $20 gets you 1GB of data, 15 minutes of calls, 15 SMS and expires after 3 days

All packs are available across 40 countries listed on the Boost International Roaming site. It’s a great addition to the available features from one of the biggest names in the MNVO space.

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What is the point of those pathetically minuscule phone roaming packs?
Their limits are far too tiny and useless, to stay in touch with anyone, when overseas, unless you’re only going to be overseas for a day or so.
To have PROPER connectivity if you’re going to be overseas for a week or so, you’d need 10 to 20 of that $40 pack. At worst that means a chomp of $800 on your wallet. And that is quite bluntly, customer gouging, abusive, stupid pricing.

Andrew Priest

I can live with the pricing as at least I now have roaming. Beats stuffing around with a local SIM IMO.


what about standlone 5G ?

telstra enabled SA 5G on samsung s22 phones with new simcard called telstra sim+ and you need to upgrade to android 13 to enable it

when boost will do same ?


I can see why they’re keeping quiet about it given it’s such poor value

Chuckles McGee

Only thing I need with romaing is the need to recieve SMS due to so many orgianistions stupidly using SMS for 2FA, rather then an Authenticator. Everything else is via IP (audio, video , messaging etc)