When it comes to rumors in the mobile tech space, a couple of names stand out as having the right sources. Jon Prosser is one of those and overnight he’s dropped a good one.

According to Prosser; the Pixel Fold is set for announcement and pre orders to open next month and available from June 27th.

Unsurprisingly, the Pixel Fold is going to be significantly more expensive than the Pixel 7 with Prosser noting later in the thread that the price is set to be US$1,799.00 and that the Pixel Tablet is also expected to become available on the same timeline.

With such a solid record on rumors over the past couple of years, there’s no reason to doubt the details here. I’m actually excited about this one and, for the first time actually want (not just to try) this phone!

What are you hoing to see from the Pixel Fold?

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    What am I hoping to see from the Pixel Fold?
    That Google grows a brain and realises they need to, extremely promptly, bring the price of the Pixel Fold down to something ordinary users can afford.


    The pricing is very high and I’m not sure folks will want to go for it, as a first gen device. When I can wait for Pixel 8 Pro for half that (yes, not a foldable, but I can buy two).


    Damn. Was hoping for a small clamshell formfactor not a massive phablet.