Daily life can result in a chop and change these days, for many, there are multiple computers and laptops involved. For me, that involves a work laptop, my personal laptop and a desktop (recently including the NUC Enthusiast) and sometimes my tablet running DeX.

What is it?

The DS-6000 is a simple to set up docking station that can handle a lot. There’s a single USB-C cable to connect to your target devices, whether it’s a laptop, desktop or tablet.

From a connectivity perspective, there is heaps on offer. On the rear of the dock are three HDMI ports, with the capability of all three running 4K monitors. To ensure that your device is connected to the outside world, a gigabit Ethernet port is present, as are three USB 3 ports and a power port.

An important point of note here is that in the box you get a 130W AC power adaptor. This is more than enough to power any current spec laptop through a Thunderbolt port while also providing video output to your screens.

On the front, there’s a single USB A (3.0) port and two USB-C ports that put out enough power to charge phones, and wearables, or simply act in a connectivity role for other, external devices.

Setup and use

I’ve had docking stations in the past where there’s driver installation, specific software or other configuration needed. That’s simply not the case with this unit — on Windows at least — and you simply need to plug it in.

On multiple laptops and — as earlier mentioned — the NUC 12 Enthusiast I recently had on the test bench, this just worked. I was getting full resolution throughput, no frame lag or any other performance-based issues that can occur with lower quality docks.

This is a single connection, and you’re ready for anything!

This was particularly useful considering that some machines (supporting USB-C charging) come with proprietary charging options. Having the dock, able to provide power means you’re able to leave the proprietary charger in your bag; alleviating the risk of leaving it at home when you’re on the move.

While I’ve been testing the DS-6000 I’ve re-wired my desk to have cables for mice and keyboard ready, as well as another, easily accessible charging port for USB-C devices.

What’s the upshot?

The simple fact is, docking stations either work for you or they don’t. I’ve used a number of them that have worked well over time, but this one really hits the mark.

Having a single cable to plug into any device (aside from being the point of a docking station) makes it simple to get going for the day. Adding in the front ports, using devices like a hardware authentication key is a breeze, even if you have limited ports on your laptop.

The provided AC adaptor delivers enough power to charge any device I’ve thrown at it, and there’s not even the vaguest hint of video lag.

If you have a need for a docking station in your life, this one is particularly impressive in a crowded market. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it and can honestly say, this is well worth the $189.00 asking price.

Disclosure Statement

The item has not been requested for return following review.

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Looks solid but it doesn’t have an audio port?


Docks like this one are an essential piece of kit, to improve device connectivity of portable gear. By the time you’ve connected a mouse and keyboard adaptor, and a thumb drive, too many portable devices run out of available ports. So a dock to improve connectivity, is an essential. With where the USB C port is on my 2019 15.6in Lenovo IdeaPad C340, this dock would be brilliant. The connection cable is on the correct side for the USB C port on the laptop. What’s interesting about this dock is it can do multiple HDMI out from a USB C… Read more »