If you’ve got some interest in online security, then you’re aware of Proton products; mail, calendar, drive, VPN and pass. Well Proton Pass for Business is coming and it’s ready to take your business security to the next level.

Touted as the first foray into the business realm for Proton, the update brings with it a host of features following the launch to consumers in August last year.

What you’re going to get with Proton Pass for Business encapsulates what you’d expect and want from a password manager including:

  • Ease of use
  • Up to date security standards
  • Compliance with privacy and security laws around the globe
  • No secrets development with independent audits on the open-source code
  • Password suggestions that meet best practice standards
  • Access management for centralised passwords

The Swiss location of Proton means that, protected by the worlds strongest privacy laws, customers have great peace of mind.

Andy Yen, Proton CEO and founder said:

For the last decade, Proton has been protecting many organizations that have the highest risk of cyber attack with our end-to-end encryption technologies, but even the best encryption is not effective without strong credential management. In fact, security compromises due to password management failures take place regularly and are one of the most common ways in which enterprises are breached. The introduction of Proton Pass for Business is intended to fill this gap for the world’s most discerning security-focused companies, many of which already rely upon other Proton services.”

Proton Pass for Business is available starting today. Pricing starts at €1.99 per user, per month – a pretty reasonable operating expense to reduce your risk of data breach and loss in your business.