When World of Warcraft forcibly left the MMO RPG market in the Chinese region and was immediately replaced by Tarisland, which is at an early stage of its development, but is already ready to offer players a similar development concept and several characters, where everyone has two development options for your choice.

Gold as the main resource of course plays a major role and if you want to occupy high and leading positions on the server as a strong player, you need to learn how to farm gold through quests and grinding, or buy tarisland gold in Skycoach.

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In any MMO RPG, quests play the most stable and important role in the development of any character, his training and, of course, earning gold, because you immediately see the final reward and strive for it.

These are tasks of destroying monsters, transmitting messages, searching for missing NPCs and other goals.

In addition to story-level quests, where you are also taught basic mechanics and gradually introduced into your gameplay, you can also perform secondary tasks, of which there are many in the world of Tarisland for the sake of gold and leveling up.

Such quests can be both profitable – where in the same location with the plot task you can complete a secondary one and get Tarisland gold depending on the number of monsters you kill, which is quite profitable, and useless tasks like transmitting several messages, for the sake of decorative elements, or weak weapons that cannot even be sold profitably, let alone used personally.

In general, if you combine all types of quests that can be completed in one location, then as a result you can get a good increase in gold and experience.


If you don’t like to carry out orders, but just want to attack monsters, then the hunting format, which is often called grind, is better suited for you.

You simply organize your gaming sessions to constantly attack monsters until you get bored, or you outgrow the game location, or you fill up your inventory.

Of course, it will be better if you take on story and secondary quests, which can be completed in an advantageous location and after their completion you will remain there until you have a complete advantage in levels, or your hero’s inventory is filled to the limit and the need arises to return to the city.

Raids and dungeons

This is the main feature of Tarisland, which allows players to have fun solving difficult problems in battles against heavy monsters for valuable rewards and experience.

Raids are divided by difficulty level and the total reward that can be received for successfully completing them.

The higher the difficulty, the greater the requirement for basic equipment and the number of players, but the final result will be more profitable and worthwhile.

Best classes for farming gold

Attacking warrior

This is a fighter format that chooses mass skills and physical damage, with the constant activation of the rage system for an even greater damage boost for a short time.

You can rush straight into a bunch of enemies and kill them with mass skills and collect all the gold, but remember that when the main damage boost is on cooldown, your combat potential decreases, and it’s not a fact that you can cope with a large group without the help of a healer.

Archer of any variation

There is not much difference – you will choose an attacking marksman, or a beast summoner, both of these classes can deal high damage in different ways and quickly destroy enemies from a safe distance and not even always with their own powers, so just watch your pet and the distance to the target and earn cheap Tarisland gold.

Fire type mage

If you choose the element of fire, then you focus on a class that can cause huge massive damage and also apply a burning effect that will damage your enemies even if you run out of mana and you cannot continue casting skills.

This is a class that relies on mana and overall magic damage, so she always needs a good staff and equipment that will increase her maximum mana pool.

This is the best hero for farming gold in Tarisland, but the acute dependence on mana makes his strength more balanced and controlled in terms of resources and a constant race to strengthen the class.

Barbarian, lightning

If you choose a warrior class that uses magic runes to strengthen its weapons, then choose a lightning build that can create good AoE damage by jumping ball lightning to your targets and causing them magical damage.

Attack Paladin

This is a hero who uses the power of light and his defense to deal consistent single damage to most enemies, and retains the ability to heal health and have consistent attacks.

Attack healer

This is the most unusual hero for many players, although he is just a magician who chose the light attribute instead of the typical elements and has the same capabilities and requirements as other casters – a good staff and robe for a stable attack on monsters and farming.

Each hero has its own pros and cons and features for farming and earning gold in Tarisland, but each player will find a use for each class and there will be no useless classes in the game due to different types of monsters, raids and other dangerous zones, grinding in locations and quests with who need help.

Classes that are not included in this selection are also useful, but their role is difficult to assess within the framework of ordinary grinding, when without the same bard you will not be able to fully engage in leveling, but as a unit he will not be as effective in terms of damage alone as a buffer for an entire group whose music will cause increased damage and generate health and mana. The most important thing is that, depending on your favorite type of gameplay, you will have the opportunity to get your cheap Skycouch gold, or farm it on your favorite hero.