Android is an advanced mobile operating system, and we all know it’s grown incredibly powerful and versatile over the last decade. There’s lots of features, but one of the lesser known ones is how to set and use a proxy server on your phone or tablet.

While lots of people will be familiar with using a VPN, using a proxy server is a little different, but it can offer many of the same benefits.

Setting up a residential proxy for your android device will give you anonymity and maximum security while using the internet by hiding your geographic location and making you appear from another one. You can mask your IP address online by using a residential proxy server. It can also encrypt data, making it unreadable to others. Moreover, it allows you to block certain online pages if you’re browsing on a shared computer or network. This blog will look at different features of using proxies on Android.

Using Proxies on Android

At first, figuring out how to change proxy settings on Android may appear complex and limited to computer experts. However, it really isn’t that difficult – here’s how to do it:

1. Open your Android’s Settings.

2. Tap Wi-Fi.

3. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi Network Name.

4. Select Modify Network.

5. Click Advanced Options.

6. Tap Manual.

7. Change your proxy’s settings. Enter the hostname and proxy port. You can find the full details from your proxy provider or software.

8. Tap Save.

9. Check the IP here.

If setting up residential proxies for your Android phone seems like a hassle, there are a few significant reasons why using one can save you time and improve your entire experience with the internet and apps on your phone.

Hiding your true location

Your identity, as well as the data you generate online, should be protected at every step. While a proxy server isn’t guaranteed to keep your online identity safe, it’s one step you can take, and it can stop websites and advertisers from linking your online activities to your IP address.

With so much personal data stored online, there are plenty of opportunities for criminals to take advantage of it and steal personal information like credit card details. Incorporating a proxy will hide your location and provide you peace of mind when using apps to access banking information or input shipping information into an eCommerce site.

When using a dedicated proxy, you surf the web in complete anonymity, but you still need to be careful where you give out your personal information.

Accessing localized data

In order to access localized data, your safe bet is to make use of proxy networks. These are helpful because they allow you to avoid rate restrictions set by target sites. Furthermore, they also enable you to consistently extract data from content platforms and websites without being blacklisted or prohibited.

You can also make requests from any device or region, allowing you to access information and content relevant to that region. To request massive amounts of data from target websites, use a dedicated pool of such tools.

Scraping localized data will help Android users to easily extract massive volumes of data. They can freely collect, convert, and store the data in the format of their choice. The information can then be retrieved and analysed to suit users’ needs.

Getting better prices

The most crucial asset required to implement a successful pricing plan is data. Since data is available from a variety of sources and platforms, going unnoticed allows you to see it without disclosing your identity or appearing suspicious.

IP addresses are the most common reason brands are caught while browsing material from restricted sites. However, proxy servers have solved this problem. Proxies secure your identity and ensure that the data you require.

Moreover, you can surf any of your competitors’ websites for pricing intelligence and start watching what pricing methods they’ve employed, then frame yours accordingly. You may view previous pricing records to see how pricing strategies were implemented. All of this is possible using such tools, which allows Android users to browse any information without leaving any sign of their presence.

Getting hands on your favorite items

SNKRS allows you to keep up with the latest Nike launches, events, and exclusive releases. If you’ve ever purchased a pair of Jordans or Off-Whites, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Nike’s app and have your own set of complaints about how the shoes are released.

How many “must-have” shoes did you miss out on this year? Stop missing out on excellent bargains and get your hands on your favorite items. When a popular shoe is released in limited quantities, sneakerheads hurry to add them to their carts and purchase them. The days of camping out in front of stores and waiting in long lines are long gone. People continue to do it, but they don’t have to. By popular demand, most stores have closed their doors and gone virtual.

When seeking to avoid a hectic rush at the checkout, many consumers turn to proxies to perform many duties for them. You can run 100 tasks with a bot and have a much better chance of success on launch day. However, if 100 tasks are submitted from the same IP address, sites will detect a bot and prohibit your IP address. That is why you can use a residential proxy to multiple Nike SNKRS accounts from your server without the traffic being traced back to you.


Proxies benefit a wide range of areas of competence. Android users use proxy servers to access geo-restricted content, bypass website bans, improve privacy, purchase limited-edition items, or just alter their IP addresses. Meanwhile, companies utilize online scraping, data gathering, market research, SEO monitoring, and various other tools. Hence, it is essential to get your hands on a valuable proxy service that is user-friendly and efficient.