There are many popular apps around the world, and it certainly differs from country to country, which ones are the highest in rank. In Australia, the top ranks of popular apps include streaming apps, government apps, social apps, and shopping apps. But this is just the stats in general, whereas there are so many other useful apps worth considering too if you live in Australia or are traveling there.

Working holiday visas are very popular in the land down under. This means a lot of travelers get the opportunity to come and both work and travel while being in the country. Some people end up staying there to get a residency. There are a lot of things to consider though when living in such a large country and this is why many apps are helpful. You might have to pay attention and spend less time checking the NFL odds or watching TV because you might find this read relevant later.

Apps for work

Finding a job in Australia can require some time and dedication. Many people are using apps like Gumtree and LinkedIn in terms of finding jobs. If you haven’t checked them already, there might be something relevant for you.

Avoid getting lost

Let’s face it. Australia is enormous and if you’re driving on your own it’s easy to get lost. An app like Google Maps is a great GPS app. Expect very long drives when living in this huge country.

Social media

Of course, it’s important to mention social media, as they are a preferred way of communication. Social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are very popular down under.


AS everywhere else in the world, you probably need some streaming apps. For the long drives and everyday night, you can both get Netflix, Disney Channel, and other streaming apps in Australia.

Surf reports

Australia is a proper surfing country, so if this is your passion, you should check out some of the surfing apps. Magicseaweed is one of them, where you can check forecasts and reports so you can get the best surfing conditions for the day you want to go.

Travel apps

There are many great travel apps available, which you’ll find relevant in Australia as well. These include Skyscanner,, and many more.

If you want to know more about relevant apps for people living in Australia, there’s a lot of great information online.