If you use an Android phone and you want to distance yourself from gambling, there are a few things you can do. Basically, you have free and paid methods that can help you stop gambling and prevent developing gambling addiction and similar problems. Below we are going to discuss the options all Android users have.

Credit Card Block via Bank Apps

This method is free as you can imagine. It is an interesting one and it works with most banks. Some examples are Starling bank, Monzo, HSBC, and many more. You will have to contact your bank. Once done, they will block all transactions directed toward gambling sites. This similarly works with credit cards. For example in the United Kingdom players can’t use their credit cards for online gambling in the majority of places. Those who still want to make a casino deposit via credit cards using sites from the list should search for special sites that are not obligated to block this payment method. You cannot gamble unless you deposit funds and this method makes it impossible for gamblers to fund the account and play games.

Although the method is effective, it cannot work with certain banks. What this means is that you will have to choose a different method in order to distance yourself from gambling. 


This is a free method and all users can use it. Keep in mind that GamStop is not an app or software. It is a platform where you need to create an account and as soon as you are done, it will block access to all UKGC websites for gambling. You can choose how long the self-exclusion will last. During that time there is no way to gamble at UK casinos. GamStop is very effective and a user can choose a duration period of up to 5 years. 

Once the self-exclusion ends you will have to call customer support. They will remove the ban after 24 hours and only then you can gamble at these sites. It is important to add that GamStop can be used only by UK players and works only with UKGC websites. However, all sites that offer their games to UK gamblers need to have this license. 


This is not a free method. You will have to pay for using the software. But, you can install it on all devices and it is effective. Once installed, the app will block all the sites that are related to gambling and betting. Keep in mind that some cryptocurrency trading websites will be blocked as well. 

The software works on all Android devices and it is easy to configure. You can install it on Windows, Mac, and other platforms. You do get a 7-day free trial and once that expires you can choose the subscription you want. 


You can use Bet Blocker which is another, free method. This is an app. You will install it on your Android device and configure it. Once done, you are all done. This means that you will be distanced from gambling for a specific period of time. BetBlocker has been with us since 2017 and the company behind it is POGG. BetBlocker is a popular choice for people who are looking for free website blockers that are universal and safe. You can install and use it on Windows, Mac, iOS, and other platforms. 

BetBlocker works in an interesting way. It has a database that contains over 13.600 websites that are categorized as gambling websites. Once the app is installed, all of these sites should be unavailable. The database is updated on a regular basis which means that you won’t be able to access more and more casinos.


The software here comes with paid plans that vary. Once activated, it will block most of the gambling sites in Europe which makes it perfect for this purpose. We liked the fact avoiding the software is almost impossible. Yes, you can use it on any Android device and also on iOS and other operating systems. Keep in mind that the software here will not block the keywords that are based or focused on gambling. It is definitely one of the software options you should consider due to the effective design and clever methods that it uses in order to help you distance yourself from gambling. 


NetNanny is another paid method that works well. However, it works in a different way than all the rest. The software uses an algorithm that uses carefully designed and important systems to detect gambling websites. Once the software detects a site that contains gambling, it will be blocked. You cannot access it and you cannot play games there. The software contains and uses different algorithms for different purposes.

It comes with different plans and you can use it for 5 devices or up to 20 devices. Of course, there are some variations and the best one will be based on what you really like and need. Thanks to the artificial intelligence that is used here, the software is useful and works well with all sorts of websites for gambling. 

The Final Word

All of these options are available right now and you can use all of them if you like. But there is no need to do that. It is a much better option to choose one method that you like and go with it. The mission here is simple. You will have the time to work on your gambling issues and correct them. During that time you should solve all the problems and you will be able to gamble again and enjoy. 

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