How online casinos are using the latest technology?

First, it was online casinos that changed the entire complexion of the industry. Now, with the help of technology, these casinos are adding new features, making it more convenient for users.

At an online casino, you can play any casino game from the comfort of your home. You get to experience the same level of the thrill of a land-based casino. Moreover, online casinos offer more varieties of games, multiple versions, and 24/7 availability.

Although these games are programmed, they are more fun to play. Online casinos tend to provide a better user experience, attractive graphics, enhanced sound, and more games. However, something was missing to provide the entire experience of traditional casinos to the customers, and it was a live casino.

It takes several kinds of technologies to make a live casino online. Online platforms invest in technology and employees to run operations smoothly. There is a whole team behind the scenes to provide the immersive and authentic experience of a live casino.

Web cameras

Cameras work as eyes for both the dealer and the player. It’s the biggest component of the entire system because there wouldn’t be a live stream without it. You need to see the dealer to stay in the action. More importantly, multiple cameras are set at different angles to provide better visualization.

Besides, because of optical camera recognition, players can track the progress of the game. You can see numbers and cards and receive all the information on the screen. The quick response time eliminates interruptions or delays.


A game control unit is an integral part of live streaming. The function of GCU is to encode the recording from the dealer’s side and present it to you. It runs the whole show, and the production of a live casino isn’t possible without it.

All tables have a separate GCU unit attached to them. Many live tables are being played from the same place, so to ensure a seamless experience, GCU broadcasts live games.

Live dealer

A live dealer is as important as other components. It’s because of a minor difference between a live dealer game and a live game. Online casinos offer games like card games where real players play against each other, but there is no dealer. Whereas, in a live roulette or blackjack game, or poker, you need a live dealer. They handle the game and provide the same experience as a traditional casino.

They are trained dealers, and many online casinos also offer games in different languages and hire foreign-language-speaking dealers. As a result, it elevates the in-game experience.


It’s not only a tool for players but for dealers as well. The monitor allows the dealer to see what players are doing and keep track of bets. They can also take immediate action if needed. There is an option for players to hide their identities and not show their faces, which is acceptable in online casinos.

The live chat or a voice command option allows players to interact with the dealer and communicate.

What other technologies help in operating live online casinos?

Payment methods

For you to win real money in an online casino, you must first make a deposit. It’s also essential that an online platform accepts online payments to be considered fully remote. Several payment service providers partner with the online gaming industry to provide seamless customer experiences.

Online Security

To protect users’ data and money, online casinos use a variety of software systems. It’s also necessary for casinos to use high-quality cyber-security software when using online wallets. To increase the security of a platform, there are many features, such as peer-to-peer encryption technology and two-step authentication.

Cloud gaming

Online casino game networks use cloud computing for games like progressive jackpots. It enables players to wager on jackpot games at various online casinos. Because of cloud computing, more games are made and released more quickly. Also, players can access their favorite online games from anywhere in the world using technology.