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March Madness, the NBA, Euro basketball, and the Olympics are the biggest events to bet on as a basketball fan. March Madness attracts bets from more than 40 million Americans, ranking only second to the Super Bowl in popularity.

What can you bet on in basketball? Everything—from match winners to the total number of points in a game. If you would love to bet on basketball, choose a safe and reliable sportsbook. Look for these features:

Bonuses and Promotions

Let’s face it. Everyone loves a freebie. And that’s what betting bonuses are. They are free bets you get from a sportsbook for becoming their customer or for being a loyal member.

Additionally, some bookmakers offer promotions every time there’s a major basketball event. That means you can claim college basketball betting promos during the NCAA college basketball season. Then you can claim more bonuses during the NBA finals.

Although bonuses are great, they tend to have terms and conditions. These policies can be harsh, meaning you should always check the terms before you accept a promotion.

Look for the wager requirements (playthrough). They show you the number of times you need to play through a bonus before you withdraw your bonus profits. The wager terms range from 1x to 10x in sports betting and up to 70x for casino games.

Naturally, you want a bonus with a low number of playthrough terms, a high withdrawal limit, and enough time to fulfill these conditions. Also, select a sportsbook with lots of bonuses, from parlay boosters to cash backs.

Safety and Trustworthiness

Security is the most important feature of a betting app. Look for licensing to ensure the company is genuine and not a scam. Also, check the brand name online to verify that it’s trustworthy.

Licensed sportsbooks must secure their websites and apps by law. But it’s always good to check for features like SSL encryption, Two-Factor Authentication for your account, anti-DDoS, and seals of trust from independent auditors.

If you’re like most people, you prioritize top-rated websites and apps. This should be the case when selecting basketball betting apps. Good ratings show a lot of people love and trust the brand. Bad ratings indicate the app can’t be trusted.

Of course, ratings don’t always paint the full picture. Read reviews to find out why someone loves or hates a betting app. Some sportsbooks have mixed reviews despite offering reliable services.

App Design and Features

A good basketball betting app should be beautiful, fast, and simple to use. By beautiful, we mean an app that’s well-organized, navigable, and packed with helpful filters.

Filters help you search for specific games. They help you compare odds, deposit money, and claim bonuses stress-free. You also need a fast-loading betting app so that you can find matches and place bets with zero delays.

What’s more, find an app with multi-lingual support if English is not your first language. Look at the sportsbook’s desktop version. Check whether the website lags, or whether its information is legible.

Bottom line: select an app that makes it easy to bet on basketball. It does not have to be colorful. But it should be neat, functional, and armed with important betting features.

Basketball Bet Types and Odds

The best sportsbooks cover all major basketball events. So, unless you’re choosing a betting app that doesn’t care about its fans, you shouldn’t have issues betting on the NBA, college basketball, and FIBA games.

Where betting sites differ is in the types of bets and odds they offer. Some of them cover the basics: money line, spreads, and parlays. For the uninitiated, money-line bets give you odds for the winning team. Spreads challenge you to pick the winner plus the margin of victory. Parlays involve betting on multiple outcomes using the same betting slip.

Find a betting app with a comprehensive list of bet types. Look out for totals, NBA specials, proposition bets, and futures. The reason you need an app with different wagers is to help you discover quality odds.

You see, how much you win in basketball betting depends on the outcomes you predict and the odds you have. Good odds can magnify your profits. So, choose betting sites with the best odds.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When betting on sports, you hope to deposit money fast and withdraw your winnings on the same day. Quick deposits make it possible to bet on games the same day or hours before they take place.

Most betting apps in the US offer quick, free deposits. As such, your only concern should be whether an app supports your favorite banking method. Maybe you like to deposit through Discover. Perhaps you prefer Google Pay.

Find a sportsbook with your favorite payment methods. Look at the deposit limits and fees. Normally, betting sites accept $10 to $10,000 although you can deposit up to $100,000 through bitcoin or wire transfer.

Withdrawing money from sportsbooks can be easy to stressful depending on the app you choose. Look for a bookie with quick, low-cost withdrawals. Also, you should be able to withdraw both small amounts (below $100) and high-roller amounts (over $2000) with no issues.

Unique Features

Not every betting app streams the NBA. But if given a chance, we would all pick apps that stream NBA games. Likewise, some bookies offer partial payouts. This means you can withdraw a fraction of your winnings before the game is over.

These days, almost every betting app supports live betting. In-play betting lets you place bets even after a game has started. This can help you win big, especially when the underdog has a strong start.

These additional features improve your betting experience. But they shouldn’t be your primary reason for selecting a betting app. Focus on the odds, safety, and promotions first.

Your Turn

Selecting a basketball betting app doesn’t have to be difficult. Prioritize security and trustworthiness. Then narrow it down by checking bonuses, odds, bet types, and unique features like live betting. Also, read reviews to learn from other bettors’ experiences. Keep in mind that good sportsbooks have rave reviews.