Most gambling sites have at least some way of rewarding their most active users. Most commonly, it is a loyalty program that allows the players to earn comp points and trade them for cash. However, this approach seems to have become outdated, as more and more gambling sites like start introducing more creative systems to their players.

Currency Instead of Points

In simple loyalty programs, the players can earn comp points the sole purpose of which is to exchange them for real money. It worked pretty well for quite a while, but as all the other systems at online casinos get more and more advanced, it was very logical for Amunra Casino and other gambling sites to redesign the systems to make them more innovative and entertaining. The first enhancement these sites made relates specifically to getting rid of the comp points.

Instead, the websites now offer coins or other special currencies. Mechanically, they are very similar to the original feature, but it was clearly important for the online casinos to have the players view the reward as a currency they can put to different uses. The main source of coins is usually the same as with comp points: they can be generated by betting real money in slots and other games at the casino.

More Ways of Earning

To make the loyalty system more diverse, rewarding, and entertaining, Amunra Casino and some other sites have introduced more ways of generating the coins. Each site has different mechanics implemented here, so it is important to look it up for every casino. For example, a casino might give the players some coins for simply logging in every day: in some cases, the reward becomes higher with higher count of consecutive login days.

Another way of earning coins is by completing various missions at the casino. For instance, it might be possible to follow the social media accounts of the platform or subscribe to its email newsletter to receive a fixed amount of coins. Some of these missions can only be completed once, but there might be various daily challenges as well. For example, there might be a slot of the day at the casino, and making ten spins in it would grant the player some coins.

Last but not least, some tournaments on these gambling sites reward loyalty coins instead of real funds. Even though it is always great to receive real money prizes in competitions, this option is great for low-budget users, as high rollers almost never participate in such events.

More Ways of Spending

Similarly, Amunra Casino and several other gambling sites have changed the approach to spending the loyalty currency. In the older loyalty programs, comp points were essentially a cashback with no alternatives to it. But in these new programs, there are tons of options for the player to spend their loyalty coins.

Most of these casinos have implemented a special store to their websites. There, the users can browse through all the available items and purchase the prizes they prefer with the coins they earn through the loyalty program. The assortment of prizes is different at every casino, so it is worth visiting the store before opting-in.

In general, the most popular rewards for online casino players are free spin packages. In the store, it is possible to purchase packs of free spins of different sizes for a wide range of games in the lobby. Additionally, some casinos have a lottery, where the players can gamble their coins to have a chance of winning large sums of money. Last but not least, sites that combine sports betting and online gambling experiences offer free bets for sports wagering in such stores as well.