The card game blackjack, also known as 21, is a casino table game in which players can compete against either other players or a live dealer, depending on the version of the game.

The goal in blackjack is to get a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without exceeding that point total. Today, blackjack can be played for free at online casinos, as well as for real money.

A mistake in this game is a fairly common occurrence that reduces a player’s chances of winning prizes. Mathematically speaking, every decision made during this simple game has a huge impact on the outcome of a given hand.

At this point, you might be wondering, what can you do to increase your chances and avoid mistakes? Well, the biggest mistakes in blackjack are decisions that will reduce your chances of achieving a win. If you are a novice casino player, it is important that you know the rules of blackjack, as well as the tricks you can use in this game. However, the most important thing in all this is that you are aware of the mistakes that are often made and that you avoid them. After you learn about all the intricacies of the game, you can safely start playing for real money at the casino online. We also strongly recommend playing only at legitimate casinos. All this information can be found on slotozen au, where all the most popular and reliable casino brands are gathered.

The most common mistakes

In our article, we will limit ourselves to pointing out the 8 most common mistakes that you as a player should avoid. While some of them may seem obvious, recalling them can help you fix these mistakes in your mind and consequently be more attentive during the real game. Let’s move on to the most common mistakes.

Not knowing the rules and not taking advantage of a bonus offer

Every casino game has its own rules. Before you play, take the time to check the rules and see if they are favourable. The most frequently asked questions at this stage should be:

  • When can I double my stake after the split?
  • Will the dealer be able to hit 17 or more?
  • Do I have the option to surrender?

The operator will not inform you of these rules so openly and easily, so look around the different tables and study the rules of each game to find the one you like the most.

Playing without knowing the basic strategy of the game

Lack of strategy when playing is one of the rather serious mistakes. Avoid playing under the influence of emotion or without tactics. You should play your hand the same way all the time, regardless of previous failures because only then will you be able to judge whether the strategy is working. Reacting on the fly will not allow you to win prizes, and if there are any, they will be by chance. Some of the strategies you can use are:

  • Always split a pair of eights and aces.
  • Never split a pair of fives or tens.
  • Always double the value of your bet with a ten when the first exposed card is a nine or less.
  • Never use the insurance option.
  • Always double your bet on an eleven.

These are just some of the behaviours that are desirable when playing blackjack. On the other hand, we can guarantee you that they did not come out of nowhere. The probability of winning when using the above-mentioned methods significantly increases your chances of winning.

The question you are probably asking now is, how are you supposed to remember all this? The answer is very simple. Just write it all down on a piece of paper and, when playing blackjack on the fly, assess the situation. When playing online, you have plenty of time to take certain actions, so this is the right way to go.

Lack of clear thinking

Blackjack is largely a mathematical game that depends on and requires a sober mind. You need to know when to discard cards and when to concentrate on counting them and staying in the hand. If you are distracted, tired, you will not be able to concentrate or follow the progress of the game. This style of playing has only one result: losing big.

Playing when you should quit

When you start to make a profit, even after an hour, give up. Most players continue to play, especially when they start losing. They believe that by betting more, they increase their chances of winning.

So how do you win in blackjack? Do not be greedy. Past results do not determine future hands. The more you bet, the more likely you are to lose your money, including previous wins. When you win, take your money and walk away from the table.

Assume that the betting progression must be winning

House edge hardly changes during the course of a game. If you use the betting progression method, you are simply putting yourself in a position where you have to keep increasing your bets.

While this tactic is impressive, the house still has the edge during the game and your chances of losing increase with each hand. This is one of the most common mistakes made in blackjack.

Not paying attention to the hands

Often, players who want to relax while playing blackjack pay little attention to the number and type of cards in hand. Of course, this approach may lead to mistakes. For example, by not paying attention to the situation at the table, players condemn themselves to defeat, because even in the case of a favourable hand, they do not react and thus put their eventual victory in the hands of fate. Of course, more often than not the player fails in such situations because the computer as well as the dealer is constantly on guard during the playing process.

Playing side bets

Side bets come in different varieties and are inexpensive. This is an attractive prospect, especially for players who just want to relax or those who play blackjack online with little (or no) money. Although you can win a huge amount of money with this type of bet, due to the unfavourable house edge, you are likely to suffer a defeat.

Because side bets don’t cost much compared to normal bets, you are tempted to place them even if you lose. As a result, you lose more money thanks to this clever casino trick. The conclusion? Avoid side bets.

Blaming others for your bad luck

When you have a bad streak, control your outbursts of anger and avoid harassing the dealer and other players. Instead, concentrate more on the game. This might be a good time to increase your accuracy by watching the cards that have been laid out on the table. The dealer has little influence on the outcome of the bets you place.

Make wise decisions early in the game and choose a table with favourable rules for the sake of your bankroll. Most of these mistakes are avoidable as long as you are prepared to learn basic strategy and focus on the game.


If you are determined to improve your skills, you will quickly realise that blackjack mistakes do not have to appear in your game. When they do occur, examine exactly what is causing your loss and work to improve your approach to the game. Overall, remember that sometimes it is good to walk away from the table, no matter how attractive a hand is.