Roulette has gained popularity due to its simple rules and the ability to place many different bets. This makes it an exciting and addictive pastime for 5gringos casino members, regardless of how long they have been playing at

Basic Elements And Terminology

Game Wheel

The roulette wheel at the 5gringos casino consists of numbered cells with numbers from 0 (00 in the American version) to 36, arranged in random order. The numbers in order are alternating red and black, and zeros (and double zeros) are colored green. In the rules, a zero is neither an even nor an odd number.

Playing Field

A betting table is a special surface (playing field) with marks for placing bets. It’s divided into two parts: inside and outside.

Internal And External Bets

Internal bets are bets on individual numbers or groups of numbers. External bets are bets on other characteristics of the numbers, such as color, even or odd, high or low.

The Main Types Of Roulette


According to the rules, the European roulette field at the 5gringos casino has 37 cells: numbers from 1 to 36, as well as one zero. The casino advantage is about 2.7%.


According to the rules, the American roulette field is characterized by the presence of an additional cell with a double zero, which increases the total number of cells on the field to 38. This raises the casino advantage to 5.26%.


In terms of rules, French roulette at the 5gringos casino is similar to European roulette, but it has special betting rules that reduce the casino advantage to 1.5-2%.

Game Rules And Stages

Betting Rules

Players place bets by placing chips on the table until the dealer announces that the bets are closed.

Starting The Game Ball

The dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball in the opposite direction.

Determining The Winning Number

The ball stops in one of the cells of the playing field, determining the winning number and color.

Paying Winnings And Collecting Losing Bets

The dealer announces the result, collects losing bets, and pays out winnings.

Mistakes And Misconceptions Of Novice Players

Ignoring Probabilities

5gringos casino beginners often ignore probabilities, relying on intuition or assuming that certain numbers “should” come up. However, every number has the same chance of falling out with every spin of the wheel.

Underestimating The Long Term

Roulette is generally a game of casino advantage. A long-term perspective means that the casino will always be in favor. Players should remember this when planning their bets and making decisions.

Bankroll Management

Beginning players often play without a clear plan for managing their funds. However, for successful gambling at the 5gringos casino, it’s important to determine your financial limits and stick to them to avoid losing.

Tips For Successful Gambling

Choosing The Right Roulette Wheel

Choose the variant of the wheel with the lowest casino advantage. Both European and French roulette will do.

Determining Your Limits

Determine your betting and bankroll limits and stick to them to keep control of your finances.

Learning Tactics And Making Informed Decisions

Study different strategies and betting systems to determine which one best suits your gameplay and apply them by making informed decisions. Remember that no strategy guarantees a win, but it can help make your gaming session a more thoughtful and interesting experience.


Roulette is a pastime that should be fun. Don’t consider gambling at the 5gringos casino as a way to earn money or an opportunity to change your life. It’s important to always adhere to the principles of responsible behavior. Set limits, don’t exceed them, and remember that this entertainment depends on luck.