person holding smartphone while taking videos at live concert

Mobile phones have grabbed everyone’s attention. Just 20 years ago, we couldn’t imagine having a tiny device in our hands that showed us the entire world. What’s more, with mobile phones we managed to stay connected, communication was opened to everyone and all information started being at the tip of our fingers. We tend to forget how mobile phones revolutionized how we live – and especially how we entertain ourselves. This is due to smartphones being available to us at all times today, but we cannot forget how phones and their apps have changed how we have fun.


How Apps Revolutionized Entertainment

Back in the day, we had a good deal of ways to entertain ourselves, but today, this industry looks a lot different. Besides being able to play games on the go, place bets through our apps, and stream favorite shows on the tiny screen, there are other things that apps brought to the entertainment industry.


Ability to Track Trends

Smartphones have certainly made trend tracking easy. Social media truly revolutionized how we gather data on what’s important to people and what’s popular. It almost seems like there is a new trend every day, and things are changing fast in the entertainment industry. What makes this obvious is that every single social media app now has a whole section dedicated to trending topics! People can stay updated on the latest games, music, series, movies and so much more with just a few clicks and swipes. So, it is safe to say that due to phones, entertainment is now available for anyone, at any time and anywhere.


Availability of Platforms

You can say with confidence that there is a platform for everything – and you’d be right! Entertainment apps are now dedicated to creating platforms for games, music, movies, live streaming and so much more. If you just spend a few minutes on an app store, you will find an abundance of platforms for different purposes. If you’d like to play casual games – just go to the games section; if you want to place a bet on sports – just browse safe betting apps; and if you want to watch movies – just type in movies or streaming and you will get a huge number of apps for that.


What’s great about such platforms is that they create opportunities for many artists. They now have a platform where they can showcase their work, get followers and stay engaged with them. This has opened many doors in the entertainment industry, and we can now find something fun to do or watch within seconds (thanks to the apps!).


Spreading and Gathering Information

Just try to remember how you sought information when you didn’t have a phone… You had to go through an encyclopedia or go to the library to learn something new – or you’d have to trust someone who knows about the topic you’re interested in. Today, this entire process is so much faster and easier. For example, if you want to know something you simply have to Google it on your phone. But Google and other browsers are not the only sources of information today.


Apps like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and X (ex-Twitter), can now serve as browsers. Plus, you get daily info on the feeds and every time you refresh it, there is something new. However, social media and the information you find there might be harder to fact-check, but the information is there and you can use it at your own will. Plus, all these apps made it so much easier for us to share information with one another – either through messaging or sharing posts.


Promotions and Ads

Another aspect that entertainment apps have changed is the promotional capabilities of creators and companies. You already know how crowded the internet is with all the popups and ads, but this has made it easier for us to seek entertainment, too.


For example, if you want to start a new hobby to have fun, you just have to open an app and scroll a bit until you find an ad that’s going to help you. Also, apps have made it easier for companies, product designers, and creators to reach out to us with their work and help us have fun. It is a win-win for everyone when it comes to promotion capabilities in this industry.


Mobile phones (smartphones, really), have truly changed our daily lives. It is hard to get bored when there is an app for everything, and people really do enjoy seeking knowledge, information, and fun within seconds. Who knows what the future of mobile apps will bring, and it can only be more awesome.