Sorry guys and girls!

The short story is that time zones messed us up and it would be horribly early for Eileen to join us on the podcast tonight.

But fear not!
We’ll still be online tonight with our usual insightful, professional and informed discussion about all things Android from the last fortnight.

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    Timothy Boyce

    Devestated 🙁
    Guess I will be watching AAA and Ausdroid separately still. You should hold a special episode at a different time for her 😉

    Phil Tann

    You got inside info there Tim?

    We’re already discussing that with a few special guests.  🙂

    Geoff Fieldew

    Insightful and informed, at least.

    Phil Tann

    Insightful and informed… 
    Hahaha, not sure how I came up with those words for us! 😉