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Welcome to episode 154 of the Ausdroid podcast.

We actually had a go at recording this last week, but the software we used just wasn’t up to scratch and we actually lost some audio in the middle, making the episode just not much fun. By the time we mixed it into a workable track, it just wasn’t good enough, so we decided to re-record, and here it is.

Daniel and Duncan talked Android updates, including Android 7.0, collecting Easter egg cats, new phones from LG, sharing your apps and more with your family and even some new Android Wear discussions. This week’s podcast is the second in our nice, short format, with half an hour of the guys discussing the latest news.

Let us know what you think!

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This week we used an introduction snippet from Abakus – Rocket to welcome you to the podcast. We’ll probably return to our usual musical delight eventually.

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    I have not listened to you podcast yet but had to say well done on a very sensible interface
    Our ABC should take note……their varying idiosycasies are all over the place like the proverbial unheathy minded female’s waste product.

    Others take note!


    Good to hear you back.