Google IO has come and gone for another year, and while previous years have been marked by some very pronounced announcements, this year has been more about evolution than revolution. Because of this, there’s things you may well have missed — what better way to catch up on the announcements you might have missed than by hearing our two resident gurus Daniel and Scott discussing all things IO.

Please, sit down with us for the next hour, or on your journey to work, and take a listen to all the latest live from sunny California.

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    Hey the guys mention there is no multi user support when talking about ordering pizza over google home etc.
    But there is multi user supportn now isn’t there ?

    Daniel Tyson

    Hey Chris, there’s no multi-user support outside the US. Google hasn’t released it outside of the US as yet. At this stage, Home is a ‘shared’ device and that’s how Google is playing it for people using Home in other regions.