It’s Summer time in Australia and whether you’re going on a bushwalk, kayaking or swimming at the beach you’ll want to make sure that your smart phone and keys are kept safe and dry. If this is you, Otterbox’s Drybox 3250 is a protective option worth considering.

To maintain full protection you have to keep the Drybox 3250 edges clean — especially the areas around the seals and clips because it’s not guaranteed to be waterproof if sand, dirt etc stop it from sealing properly when it is closed.

Key specifications are:

  • Waterproof up to 27.4 metres deep (90 feet) for 30 minutes
  • Tough polycarbonate construction
  • Stackable-Integrated feet enable a more secure base for more stacking.
  • Stainless-steel hinge and latch pins
  • Easy to carry using utility mounts that let you attach a tether or carabiner
  • Interior foam liner
  • Easy open/durable latches
  • Pressure release slot
  • Lock holes: 4.76mm diameter
  • External dimensions: 211mm L x 129mm D x 65mm T
  • Internal dimensions: 175mm L x 94mm D x 51mm T

I was able to place a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 inside an Otterbox Defender case plus some keys and some cards fitted in easily with room to spare:

I also was able to fit my Canon M100 camera, f2 22mm lense with a UV filter screwed on snugly inside the Drybox 3250 once the lid was closed and clips locked in.

Lacking the ability to dive 27.4 metres below the surface of the sea I tried the next best thing which was submerging the Drybox 3250 containing a spare phone, keys and cards inside a bucket of water.

After 90 minutes I took the Drybox 3250 out of the bucket, shook off the water and emptied the contents which were perfectly dry.

In real life circumstances it would be quite hard to submerge the Drybox 3250 for more than a few seconds because it floats like an Otter even when if it’s got 500 grams of contents inside. That’s why I had to use a brick to force it to be submerged under the water!

Nevertheless if you are going to clip it to your snorkel belt while underwater or your kayak overturns with the box trapped underneath, you can be worry-free about the contents staying dry while it’s submerged.

The Otterbox Drybox 3250 is available for purchase via the Otterbox Australia website for $69.95 incl free shipping if you want it quickly or $32.43 for Amazon Prime members who are prepared to wait a while for it to be posted from the USA.

Disclosure Statement

Otterbox has allowed Ausdroid to retain the Drybox to test further during real life bushwalking, at the beach etc.

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Paul Walker

Now I just need to find a friend who wants one too so we can get over the $49 limit to get free International shipping (I have Prime).