Computex is in full swing and we’re seeing a lot of really cool stuff here in Taipei where Dell has today announced the addition of two new all-in-one (AIO) machines and a gaming rig into the already impressive Inspiron line up.

Dell’s new line-up is spearheaded by the Inspiron 27 7000 All-in-One which makes a pretty solid play at taking on the iMac. It also includes the little brother the Inspiron 24 5000 All-in-One and the new Inspiron Gaming Desktop.

Inspiron 27 7000 AIO

You can see why this PC has already won awards for Design and Innovation at Computex – the Inspiron 27 7000 AIO is a really slick piece of kit. It’s delivered with a sleek silver colour making it ideal to fit into any environment, offering a premium build with the AIO form-factor, and it’s designed from the ground up for VR.

The Inspiron 27 7000 AIO has a virtually borderless InfinityEdge 27” display, with resolutions up to 4K UHD. Coupled with the performance grade audio, it promises an immersive all round computing experience.

It sports a multi-core Ryzen AMD processor and AMD Polaris RX500 Series graphics, which means it’s not just capable of delivering Virtual Reality – it drops you deep in the experience.

Running Windows 10 means the interface will be familiar for any computer user, and the connectivity offered means that it’s not just catering for the average user but also the geeks with USB Type-C 3.1 and Dual Drive options with SSD storage.

Available today in China on and at select retailers and worldwide in the coming weeks starting at US$999.99, it’s going to fit the needs of many users.

Inspiron 24 5000 AIO

Dell’s new Inspiron 24 5000 AIO offers specifically designed capabilities for streaming and watching video. The Inspiron 24 also offers an InfinityEdge IPS FHD touch display, the latest 7th Gen AMD processors and AMD Polaris RX500 graphics.

The system cones equipped with brand new SmartByte technology developed by Rivet Networksexclusively for Dell, which it says helps prevent buffering when streaming content. The software detects and monitors critical network streams such as video, and prioritises them ahead of less urgent network traffic like email or messaging services so videos and movies run without interruption.

Designwise, the system has a modern touch to it with a visually pleasing white design and articulating stand making it the ideal PC for the home, particularly in restricted space. Connectivity is up to date offering USB Type-C 3.1 and Dual Drive options with SSD storage.

Availability is similar to the Inspiron 27 above, starting today in China on and at select retailers and worldwide in the coming weeks starting at US$699.99.

Inspiron Gaming Desktop

Dell has a long and storied history with Gaming, being premiere PC manufacturer and they’re bringing their 20 years of experience to the fore with the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop. It’s the first in a new line of Gaming Desktops that the company says is ‘designed for high-performance gaming’. Of course, it’s also designed for VR.

The Inspiron Gaming Desktop is powered by AMD Ryzen processors which feature SenseMI, a system that dynamically optimises power consumption, task routing and clock speeds. It’s got advanced cooling with increased ventilation meaning it stays cool for longer when doing higher end processing like that required for Virtual Reality or streaming.

The Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop is built with expansion in mind, with the power supply able to be specced out up to 850 watts to allow for adding in discrete dual graphics.

As you’d expect from a high-end gaming PC, the graphics options are great with options for VR graphics cards that support up to 32GB of DDR4 memory. There’s also a wide selection of high-capacity hard drives, including responsive SSD and dual-drive options and the case offers expansion for up to five drives with bays available.

On the audio front, Waves MaxxAudio Pro gives complete surround sound with the right speakers with support for Performance 7.1 Channel HD audio

Dell is also offering a multitude of connectivity options with support for a fast USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port and up to six SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports.

The Inspiron Gaming Desktop has great specs, but it’s also pretty to look at with Polar Blue LED lighting, so you’ll look as good as you’ll play.

Like today’s other announcements, it’s available beginning today in China on as well as at select retailers around the world in the coming weeks starting at US$599.99.

We’ll be discussing Australian availability of the full range of Inspiron All-in-Ones and the Inspiron Gaming Desktop with Dell as soon as the presser is over.

Phil traveled to Computex in Taipei as guest of Dell Australia.

Source: Dell PR.