I’m a bit of a tech geek, I make no bones about it or excuses for it so when I got to spend some time with the guys from Corsair and check out their new gear I was excited. They were good enough to show me not only some of their top flight hardware but some upcoming goodies as well as concept hardware.

One that really got me thinking was Concept Zeus, a Mousepad Concept with built in Qi Charger. It sounds so simple but coupled with their wireless gaming mouse that is capable of charging via Qi. It will work with any Qi compatible mobile phone as well, perhaps removing that need to have a phone charger at work all the time? There are a lot of possibilities, then you add in the Qi converter (pictured) and the possibilities continue to grow.

Concept Slate

There’s a lot of users out there with 2 pcs for a number of reasons, work and play, often one PC can be choked up with high CPU usage for usage such as video encoding for long periods of time. The concept slate interior has huge water cooling capabilities to minimise noise and maximise cooling, but it’s when you look inside and realise there are 2 machines in the one case that you see the efficiencies and the engineering expertise that has gone into this concept design.

Gaming Gear


The Glaive range of mice is a high performing, but affordable option when it comes to gaming mice. They’re great looking, have multiple options, high DPI sensitivity (some users like this, FPS players like low sensitivity as a general rule). Possibly one of the best features from my perspective as a gamer is the interchangeable thumb grips that you can choose from to best suit your game style and mouse grip.


They’ve got an impressive range of keyboards to offer too, all with Cherry MX keys which are frankly the keys you want as a gamer, they are a mechanical switch with enough throw on them to know you’ve pressed the key as well.

One that we’ve had a look at for the first time is the K68 which, while still a Mechanical keyboard has a membrane around they keys to offer a low level of water resistance. Great for Internet Cafe’s who traditionally lose a lot of keyboards annually to drink spills.


Corsair offer a number of headsets, from pretty basic stereo headsets through to stunning quality 7.1 channel Dolby gaming headsets. They’re built for comfort to allow you to wear them for extended periods of time. They operate on 2.4GHz wireless to give you a range of up to 40 feet.

Corsair One

This is quite an impressive little gaming system and I say little because it is. The custom designed, highly engineered and water cooled system is so quiet its shocking. At idle it’s running at 20db and even during a stress test, the air its putting out is barely more than warm. The system itself is VR ready, stylish and powerful ready for any current generation of games but is also upgradeable into the future.

Remember too that while these accessories are aimed at gamers, they’re really good quality hardware and may actually be a great addition to your daily use at either work or in normal workflows. So don’t dismiss hardware just because of the way it’s being marketed, take a look for yourself first hand and judge for yourself the appropriateness of the purchase for your needs.

There are a lot more expensive options out there, but it really speaks volumes of the gaming industry as a whole that heavy gamers can spend $100 on a mouse or spend $400 on a mouse depending on the brand and their preferred options. It’s a multi billion dollar per year industry and Corsair are certainly working in the right direction to ensure that they’re covering the budget conscious as well as the hardcore market.

What daily computing accessories are you currently on the hunt for?

Source: Corsair at Computex.