GoPro revolutionised the world for action and adventure seekers giving everyone the opportunity to share their adventures with friends when they introduced the original GoPro cameras. Since then they have continued to evolve the cameras adding functionality and improving the capabilities of the cameras, continuing this with the newly introduced Hero 6.

The key points of change are the performance of the camera, including the 4K image capture, incredible slow motion capture at 1080p and faster data transfer to your phone to allow you to upload your stories and videos to share with your friends even earlier. An interesting additional functionality to the stories is the analysis of scenes and sensors to automatically add data tags making sharing your stories easier with less user input.

One of the criticisms I’ve had in the past is that the GoPro range of cameras can suffer colour wash in order to capture the speed of the action but the Hero 6 has addressed this as well as the the troubles that have been present in the past with low light conditions.

Depending on your mounting option GoPro cameras can also appear a little shaky, the Hero 6 has a new digital stabilisation feature which will correct much of this before you publish your videos.

The Hero 6 looks like a massive leap forward from the last generation of GoPro cameras and we’ll be looking to check it out very soon.

What’s on your must have feature list when shopping for an action camera?