In our digital age, it’s far too easy for people to discretely snap a picture of something and leak it online. Evidenced by all of the leaks we see before devices are released. This time around it’s Samsung themselves who’ve accidentally leaked information about the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro.

The leak came in the Samsung Galaxy Store with the app being listed (not on the front end) in XML response to queries. The app is there, ready and GitHub user “ThePBone” has grabbed a copy.

The analysis provided gives some interesting insight into the capabilities of the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro. Unfortunately, one of the consistent themes is that Samsung is persisting with Bixby. This is delivered to users as a wake-up sensor and noise controls (ANC, Ambient sound or off) now Bixby compatible.

The screenshots also reveal a bit of information about what the Galaxy Buds Pro will be capable of. New features are shown as well as the development of some older features including:

  • Sound balance – between the left and right bud
  • Find my buds – a somewhat loud alert so you can locate a missing earbud
  • Voice detect – lowers the volume of playback and triggers ambient sound to facilitate conversation
  • A simple equaliser – balances sound to your current activities at a single touch

We’re very close now to the expected release, but it all-but a given we’ll see more of the Galaxy Buds Pro before they drop. The question now is, will there be any surprises left at their launch or will we know it all?

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It would be really nice if they actually fixed the bugs and poor connection/sync issues with their existing Buds lines before touting a new set….