When Carl Pei left OnePlus at the end of 2020 it caused some waves in the tech arena. Once it became clear he was staying and what he was doing with the purchase of Essential. Now we’re getting more and more detail of the project through nothing’s social media and teaser releases.

It’s a clever move for a yet to be proven company, with Nothing releasing details steadily themselves not under the guise of a leak. The details released today include the price of £99 GBP and the first noted feature:

“State-of-the-art” Active Noise Cancellation which uses three high definition mics to bring your music, films and podcasts into sharp focus.

There will undoubtedly be more released before then so stay tuned. This is everything we know for now, but the final release is only 3 short weeks away.

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Daniel Narbett

Are we at peak tech names yet? 😉