WeMo Light Switch
Back in June when Belkin belatedly released an Android App for their exiciting home austomation system WeMo, in the US they were busy launching the WeMo Light Switch. The WeMo light switch was unfortunately not released in Australia at the time, instead we were advised it would be arriving here later this year. It’s now later this year and the WeMo Light Switch is now here.

The WeMo Light Switch allows you to control the state of the lights in your house remotely, or by just using it as a normal light switch, simply integrating into existing light switch placements in your wall with a minimal installation process and then connects to your home WiFi network. Once it’s connected you can use the WeMo App that’s available on Google Play to control your lights.

Because installing or modifying a light switch could lead to unfortunate incidents, Belkin has teamed up with Jim’s Electrical to be the preferred install partner for the rollout of the WeMo Light Switch. Brendan Sparks, Head of Product Management and Marketing ANZ spoke on the release of the WeMo and the installation process

The WeMo Light Switch continues the benchmark we have established for the WeMo range, which is to deliver a simple, easy to use and affordable home automation solution. The WeMo Light Switch delivers peace of mind from knowing you can control and monitor your home from wherever you are, whenever you want. We understand the rise of home automation can be daunting to some consumers, which is why we have also partnered with Jimโ€™s Electrical to provide an end to end process for our customers

With the WeMo able to take advantage of If This Then That(IFTT) integration, which allows you to set parameters for the light switch and indeed all the products in the WeMo range, you can really start to take control of your home and begin to learn about just how automated your home can possibly be.

The WeMo light switch is rolling out to Australian retailers now with an RRP of $69.95 per switch.

Have you tried out any WeMo products?

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    This sounds awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ I must have it. It is about time a lot of peoples houses had a lighting upgrade.

    Daniel Hurrell

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    Nick Fletcher

    It’d be great if you could provide a link to the Australian website for this stuff or something so we can check out prices and details..


    I use the standard WeMo switch to control an alarm system (light & sound) remotely when I’m not at home. If I get a motion detection email from my camera I can easily set of the alarm. Works a charm!