Collecting Android mini-figures from Dead Zebra has never been more educational with the new ‘…for science’ series that will be launching on April 20th.

The new series of themed Android toys has been created in partnership with Google engineer Dan Morrill and feature three extremely well known scientists: Nikola Tesla, Madame Curie and Isaac Newton. The Newton figure will come with a Principia Mathematica, Prism accessory, while Marie Curie will come with a flask and Tesla with his self-named coil.

Andrew Bell is hoping that these three figures are the start of an on-going series, so based on the response from these three, there may be more. You can get your hands on these beauties at 11am EST on Monday 20th of April (1AM AEST on Tuesday 21st of April). The figures will be available on the Dead Zebra website store ‘for $10/pc or together in a set. Due to limited supply, orders are limited to 2 of each figure (or 2 sets) total’.

Source: Dead Zebra.
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    I hope that the series will include the first computer programmer, Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace.

    Daniel Tyson

    Love to see some more women in science in there, but also people like Alan Turing etc. There’s a lot of potential, but to see them, we have to first buy these to ensure the line continues 😉