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Sony is branching out further afield into the fitness tracking market, going after the very specific tennis player market. Sony has launched the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor (SSE-TN1W), which when paired with your phone, will track your swing and provide statistics to help you improve your game.

Once charged up, the sensor fits to the end of your raquet and then pairs with a smartphone using bluetooth to the Smart Tennis Sensor app from Google Play (there’s an iOS app too) to track vital statistics such as Number of shots taken, Ball impact spot, Swing type(Determines the swing type), Swing speed, Ball speed (Initial speed) and Ball spin.

Sony has worked with leading raquet manufacturers Wilson, HEAD, Prince, and YONEX, to make sure that the mount fits perfectly to the end of the raquet. To install the sensor, you need to remove the cap at the end of the handle and insert the included attachment ring and then clip the sensor in place.

The app itself is fairly straight forward offering easy access to all your data as it comes in from the Bluetooth enabled Sensor. The app provides a video recording function, but there’s also an associated Motion Shot app which lets you record your swing, returns etc. so you can then play them back and analyse them in detail.

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For Android Wear fans, there’s also integration there, with information being fed directly to your wrist.
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Here’s Ellie from Sony explaining how the sensor attaches to your raquet and how you use it.

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor (SSE-TN1W) will be available in Australia from May 14th for $249 through the Sony website, Sony Kiosks, Sony Centres and leading sporting outlets.

Source: Sony.