Rolly Keyboard
LG has just shown off a new tablet keyboard that’s got a neat new trick, the keyboard rolls up into a cylinder to fit more compactly into a carry bag for your convenience.

The keyboard is being launched ahead of IFA next week where LG will display it in their booth. The keyboard runs on AAA batteries and will auto-switch on when unrolled and auto-pair to devices, with the keyboard capable of being paired to two devices at once.

The Rolly keyboard offers a ‘laptop like’ typing experience and comes with a built-in stand, perfect for sitting your new G Pad II 10.1 tablet on to type your next novel, or simply respond to texts or emails.

The Rolly is quite compact, measuring 263×25.3×25.3mm when ‘rolled’ and 263×103.7×14.8mm unfurled. Weight without batteries is 145 grams so even with a few AAA batteries added it won’t add too much to your gear bag to throw one of these in.

The keyboard hasn’t been priced as yet, but will be available in the US next month before rolling out to Europe, Asia and Latin America afterwards. We may see this in Australia, but would probably be dependent on the launch of the G Pad II 10.1 launching here as well.

Source: LG.