Soundmax range
Discount supermarket Aldi will be offering a range of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled speakers from Bauhn next weekend, priced from just $99.99.

There’s three speakers in the Soundmax range, the SoundMax 1 for $99.99 which includes 10W RMS speaker with 3″ Full range drivers, the Soundmax 3 with 20W RMS Speaker and 4″ full range drivers and finally the Soundmax 5 with 2x 3″ Full range drivers and 40W RMS speaker.

Soundmax 1-3-5

Both the Soundmax 1 and Soundmax 3 appear to be the portable options, with a rechargeable battery included inside. The Soundmax range are all able to support multi-room sound, which allows you to Connect two or more SoundMax speakers together to create a surround sound music listening experience. There’s support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA and Apple Airplay, but unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be Google Cast compatiblity.

The Soundmax system is controlled by the Soundmax app, available on Google Play (and the Apple app store), which controls setup as well as playback, including support for Spotify and iHeartRadio as well as locally stored music. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be support for Google Play Music, but with Bluetooth support you should be able to get around that by using it as a standard Bluetooth speaker. The app is compatible with a wide range of Android devices running Android 2.3.3 and above.

Price: To be announced

The Soundmax range aren’t on the Bauhn Australia or Aldi websites as yet, but should be up this week. The Soundmax speakers will be available in Aldi stores on Saturday October 31st and as with all the Aldi Special Buys, they’re available only while stocks last.

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Hi Frank. I brought 2 sound max 5 speakers and as hard as i have tried can’t get both to work at the same time. I did down load the sound max app. Help would be much appreciated as the speaker quality is great. Don’t want to return them.

Frank Quinton

Bought a SoundMax 3 today. Great sound, vastly better that my previous Bluetooth & line-in speakers – took me half a day to get it up and running. Note it will only run Spotify via wifi if you upgrade to Spotify Premium for a fee. The user manual is dreadful and likely to cause many people to return the goods for a refund. However, if you read it carefully, and are not impatient, your efforts will be rewarded. Worth a trip to Aldi’s discount bins in a few weeks to see if they are running out any surplus stock.

Andrew Roughan

I would like the functionality of the SoundMax without the built in speakers. Instead, I want to connect to my existing amplifier and speakers. The ‘Gramofon’ product provides this capabilty with 3.5mm stereo line out jack which enables a cable connection to an amp or powered speakers. It works well with Spotify and music on a network or local device with All Play but it is not certified for use in Australia and one of its functions is to provide a wireless access point which may not be desired. (Yes I know it is the same comment I posted on… Read more »

Tony Soprano

Aldi are amazing. Their specials always have something great every week.

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