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Only a week after Google launched their Chromecast Audio in Australia, Google has released official RCA and Optical cables for the device on the Google Store. The catch? You can only get them in the US.

The cables are a foot long (30cm) in length, and Lemon (Yellow) coloured, matching the 3.5mm cable that’s included in the Chromecast Audio box. The cables allow for more options for users to attach the Chromecast Audio into more speakers or audio equipment, broadening the attraction of the device. The cables cost $15.00USD each, about what you’ll find an equivalant cable from Jaycar costs.

If you want the cables you can use a shipping forwarder, but you’ll pay through the nose if you want to do it that way. We can only hope Google one day brings them to the Australian Google Store.

Source: RCA CableOptical Cable.