Pokémon Go is a true phenomenon unto itself. It’s grown massively since it first launched and of course with Japan getting access to the game today it’s going to get even bigger. The game does sap a lot of power – even with battery saver enabled – so why not go the whole hog with a Pokéball shaped USB Power bank.

Before you get too excited it’s handmade, not licensed or associated with Nintendo, the battery inside is tiny (5300mAh) with 2.1A ports and it’s expensive at $54.79 + shipping which starts at $18.84.

The ball itself appears to be a simple plastic one you can pick up on sites like AliExpress for a couple few dollars and if you’re that way inclined you could probably slap together something yourself relatively easily – and far cheaper.

The ball also comes with a clip to attach it to your belt (or bag) as you travel around collecting Pokémon.

If you’re interested the balls are handmade in San Francisco and shipped out, you can order them from Etsy now if you’re that way inclined.

Source: Etsy.