At CES, Sony has announced a slew of new products with new TVs, phones and of course headphones. The new range includes wireless earphones that offer noise cancellation, splash-proof design and the Google Assistant.

The three earphones heading our way include the WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N and the WI-SP500, though the SP500 earphones don’t appear to include the Google Assistant support. The WF-SP700N and WI-SP600N earphones though will be Google Assistant enabled via a software update that will be delivered after they’re released. Sony Australia has advised that the three earphones will be heading to Australia from April, though no pricing has been announced.

As well as the WF-SP700N and WI-SP600N models, Sony says that Google Assistant is also heading to other noise-cancelling earphones in their range. The WH-H900N, WH-1000XM2, WI-1000X and WF-1000X will also be receiving an update to enable Google Assistant, so look out for that update.


The WF-SP700N earphones are Sony’s truly wireless earbuds, they offer noise-cancellation, they’re splash-proof and of course, as they’re Sony, great sound quality thanks to the 6mm drivers inside.

The earbuds have NFC one-touch connection for easy pairing and are rated as IPX4 for water/sweat resistance – they’re not designed for swimming, but you can sweat to your hearts content at the gym with no fear of issues.

The SP700N earbuds will come with a three hour battery life and are charged with a compact charging case which can charge the earbuds twice offering a total of 9 hours of use in between charges.


If you prefer your earphones wired together (but still not to the phone) then the WI-SP600N earphones should be a little more your style, they come with the same Digital Noise Cancelling technology of the WF-SP700N earphones, as well as the same IPX4 sweatproof rating and of course the 6mm drivers for great quality sound.

The SP600N offer 6 hours of battery life, though you don’t get a charging case to store these in, just plug the microUSB cable in to charge for an hour and a half and you’re good to go.


The WI-SP500 earphones are an ‘open-air’ type earbud, so you won’t find noise cancelling in these buds. They’re designed to let in the ambient noise around you so you can still hear your music, but keep an ear out on what’s happening around you.

The WI-SP500 earbuds are also IPX4 splash proofed, so you can go hard at the gym, they also have the same NFC pairing as the WF-SP700N and WI-SP600N for quick pairing to your devices.

The earbuds are a simple ergonomic design that include grippy earbuds with rubber dimples to ensure they stay in your ear while you walk, or train. The earbuds also offer great sound quality with 13.5mm drivers.


The three earbuds are on their way to Australia later this year, with the WI-SP500 first to arrive from April, while the WF-SP700N and WI-SP600N earphones will be available from May. Sony has not yet priced the earbuds for our market as yet, but the WF-SP700N will cost $180USD, while the WI-SP600N will cost $150USD when the hit the US, the WI-SP500 model will be priced at around $80USD when they arrive in market.