Accessory maker Belkin has today announced new 45W USB Type C charger which they say is designed to charge ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones.

The Belkin 45W USB Type C charger is available to purchase from their website – and likely other retailers stocking Belkin products, for $89.95. It’s a tad more expensive than the Pixel charger available on the Google Store, but offers some versatility in terms of power with Belkin advising that it can charge all your gadgets, including the Galaxy S9, Google Pixel, BlackBerry KEYone, and they say it can even charge your Macbook Pro (2016).

Like any USB-C cable, or charger there’s always some trepidation from consumers, though Belkin are looking to assuage that with a $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty, to cover any damage that you may think will occur.

The charger supplies 45W USB PD charger includes a 6-foot USB-C to USB-C cable, and can be ordered from Belkin Australia’s website and delivered to your door for an additional $6.99 Delivery fee.

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    Max Luong

    I have two of the 60W Chromebook Pixel chargers. They’re the duck’s nuts for anything that charges through USB-C PD. Shame they’re rare as hen’s teeth these days.


    Or you could buy the Yojock USB PD Charger USB-C Charger 45W for AU$40 from AliExpress I’ve bought this USB charger and it gets 4.9/5 star reviews and it works as well as the reviews would suggest, it also comes with an extra standard USB input which is handy for charging your other USB devices at the same time. Yojock also make a USB-C PD car charger that charges my laptop also for about AU$25, it also charges my Pixel 2 XL rapidly, it is a dual port car charger so you can connect your GPS etc, the second… Read more »


    As you pointed out, at least one of yours failed. If that fails badly it could fry my MacBook or Pixel. I think I’ll investigate a little more into the Belkin.

    At least Belkin has the guarantee, it’s also not the 6-12 weeks away that AliExpress usually takes.


    Then you may not have heard of the media report of “Belkin is finally replacing customers’ faulty $45 27W USB-PD car chargers after 7 months” yes a wait of 7 months from Belkin for a warranty replacement. I did not state it in my original post but my Yojock charger became faulty after having a service on my car, my GPS/charger was working when I arrived at the mechanic, it wasn’t working when I left, I don’t think it was the fault of Yojock hence why I bought the same charger again, I think it’s a good charger. BTW there’s… Read more »