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In the modern technology-riddled world, Android devices are a must-have for daily activities. If you use them to take photos and videos, you need to understand how to keep your documents safe. We will explain whether you can recover photos on Android or not.

Many people carry Android devices to come-together ceremonies, weddings, parties, and many other recreational events as a mobile device.

Fortunately, these devices are fitted with good cameras, and you can capture all your moments as they unfold without paying for a professional photoshoot. But are your photos safe?

The photos we take on our Android devices are not immune to loss or even accidental deletion. Some ways to lose data from Android are unintentional deletion, corrupted files, phone damage, and virus attack. But whether you can recover them or not, we will explain shortly.

Several third-party software vendors claim to have the ability to recover deleted data from Android devices. Some say they can recover photos, emails, videos, files, and even messages regardless of the cause of loss.

For instance, you can see some methods to retrieve deleted photos on Samsung phone through this link. Some of these claims are, however, valid. But whether photo recovery on Android is possible, read on to find out from this article.

Photo Recovery Claims

Several photo recovery claims have been made by many data recovery software vendors in the market. In fact, some of these claims are so bold that they claim to recover virtually everything on any device.

In reality, no third-party software can extract permanently deleted photos from Android devices or computers. Some of the available methods to recover deleted files on Android can be used successfully to recover photos. Still, most are empty claims that are majorly used for marketing recovery solutions.

iCloud Backup And End-to-end Encryption

Like we already mentioned, some third-party data recovery software can successfully download photos from iCloud backup. However, this will only happen if you previously backed up the photos on iCloud. On the contrary, this may not be very possible due to end-to-end encryption.

If you need to recover photos that have been backed up on iCloud, Disk Drill by CleverFiles comes in handy with pretty higher success rates. We, therefore, recommend that you get data recovery software from reputable sources.

Limited iCloud Storage

On the other hand, Apple only provides up to 5GB of free data storage space. Once the free space fills up, you will not back up your photos and other files until you purchase extra Storage. Fortunately, other third-party cloud storage providers such as Google Photos and OneDrive are also available and can be used to extend data backing.

Deleted Photo Recovery

In Android, nearly all user files are encrypted. The file-based encryption systems implemented by some Android devices utilize unique and separate keys for individual files. If a file is deleted, the key is temporarily destroyed, making it difficult to recover such files.

Photos And Videos

If you enjoy taking photos and videos of your good moments, you can quickly recover them on your Android after accidentally deleting them. The photos you deleted from the Android device are not literally deleted but moved to a unique album marked as “Recently Deleted.” The photos can stay there for up to 30 days. You can recover them before the 30 days.

So, Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Photos From Android?

Yes, you can recover deleted photos on your Android device. Like we already mentioned, if you previously backed up the photos on iCloud or other cloud storage, the best way to recover them after is to connect your Apple account and use the Photos app.

Also, to restore lost photos, you can import them to the computer without having to use third-party software. This would, however, be much easier if you had previously linked the Android device with your PC. Also, pay attention to the following to make photo recovery easier:

  • Do not use your phone until you recover the photos
  • Use versatile photo recovery apps to recover the photos

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Android With Software

To recover photos from your Android phone with Disk Drill photo recovery software, for instance, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Download and install Disk Drill to your PC
  2. Link the Android phone to PC
  3. Choose to find deleted photos and allow the software to scan for deleted photos
  4. Preview and restore deleted photos
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    Shane Wilson

    What is this rubbish about iCloud? The whole article is very Apple-centric. I thought this was an article about recovering photos on an Android device, yet there is NOT ONE mention of Google Photos backup.