Keeping your electronics up to date is a necessity in the current online era. The more critically reliant you are upon a piece of hardware, the more important that update becomes. In the case of mobile phones, there are disparate approaches from many manufacturers. Everything from multiple-year update promises to providers who realistically may never update the phones they sell. In years gone by Samsung was tardy in delivery of updates to their devices but in recent times they’re ticking all the boxes.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a serious device that users spent serious money on only two years ago. So as a user, it’s fair to expect you’ll get updates for quite a while when you do spend big. Recently we saw an OS and OneUI update, now we’re seeing the July security update drop for the tablet.

The highlight reel — outside of the security changes — for the update includes:

  • Improved battery charging algorithm and stability
  • Improved stability of the camera – Who uses a camera on a tablet?
  • General stability improvements

As a user, it is so nice to see manufacturers standing behind their products and keeping them updated. It offers peace of mind that your investment is valued by the manufacturer and that its safe to use long term. From a business perspective, when does that customer service line end, making it unviable to continue offering updates?

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Daniel Narbett

My Tab S4 updated to Android 10 about a week ago, with 1 August patch


OneUI 2.5 would be nice. Sick of using the Samsung launcher just to have gesture nav