We’re yet to officially hear about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 from Samsung. But a listing on their support page for the “enterprise edition” has seemingly outed the devices existence.

There is absolutely the chance that this is in fact, a typo from whoever has added the device with the intent for it to read Tab S7. Added to the fact that there are no other references (at least that are public-facing) on the device, this is plausible. But if the listing is indeed a new device, all it tells us is that it supports a 1TB MicroSD card and a Nano-SIM.

Given we’re actually due for the Tab S8 to appear on the radar soon, we can expect a flood of leaks in the near future for sure.

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the only real improvement im looking out for on the s8 over the 7 is an improved battery life, im forever charging my 7+. I wish they would revert the multitsasking back from the new one ui3.1 to the old way, the app pair way is terrible.