Retailer Round-up: This weeks specials

It has been a few weeks since we brought you retailer round-up and we thought it was time to bring it back and share with you the specials available this week from the bricks and motor retailers around Australia. Coles Samsung Galaxy Y Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile - $59 - Available now until Tuesday 25 Feb Woolworths LG Optimus L3+ Telstra Pre-Paid - $34.50 - Available now until Tuesday 25 Feb Aldi Bauhn 9.7" Quad Core Android Tablet 16GB - $199 - Available Saturday 22 Feb until sold-out Bauhn 5" Quad Core Android Smartphone 8GB - $249 - Available Saturday 22 Feb until... Continue reading

Samsung rolling out software fix for Galaxy Note 3 to allow third party accessories again.

The start of the Android 4.4.2 update rollout back in late January for the Galaxy Note 3 hit a snag early on, at least for owners, who discovered that the update was not allowing them to use their third party accessories with their phone. But Samsung has begun rolling out a fix for the issue to affected handsets, beginning in Poland. The initial software update didn't make it very far, with it seems only handsets in Poland and Russia - as well as anyone else who downloaded and installed the affected update. While Samsung initially denied responsibility for... Continue reading

Samsung US announces which of their devices will receive Kit Kat

Samsung in the US released a list of devices that will receive an update to Android 4.4.2. While they haven't included dates on when the devices will receive the update - beyond reminding owners that the update availability will vary by carrier but that some updates will begin rolling out today. While Kit Kat was designed by Google to run on devices with fairly low hardware requirements, most of the devices listed by Samsung could be described as having almost top of the line hardware. The devices that will receive the update are : Phones : Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Note II Galaxy S4 Galaxy... Continue reading

Australian Carrier branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus to finally receive Android 4.3

The Galaxy Nexus was a pretty popular phone choice for a number of Australians when it became the first Nexus device to be released on all three carriers but part of the carrier distribution agreement was that the updates had to go via Samsung and the carriers before being delivered to phones. After seemingly being abandoned on Android 4.1.2 it seems that carrier branded Galaxy Nexus owners will finally see their Android 4.3 update. All three carriers have updated their software availability pages to indicate that Android 4.3 has been received from Samsung. Optus and Vodafone have already... Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung looking to launch Galaxy Tab 4 and Galaxy Gear 2 at MWC

There are reports and rumours that Samsung are looking at launching the next line up of Galaxy Tab 4 tablets and Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch at MWC. The rumours are that the new Galaxy tab 4 tablets are to come in 3 different screen sizes, much like the predecessors, the Galaxy Tab 3 series. This time round, there are a few changes and added features to the new tablets such as all tablets featuring quad-core processors, and it is likely that they could possibly come with Exynos hardware under the hood. In addition to the Galaxy Tab 4 series... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs reportedly leaked from retail packaging

The launch of the Galaxy S5 is widely expected to be in just a little over a week at Mobile World Congress at the Samsung Unpacked 5 event the company began teasing last week. But, if this leak is to be believed, the closeness of the event means that retail packaging is close to final and has apparently made its way into the wild. With a similar design to the current line of recyclable cardboard packaging of the current Galaxy line of devices, this picture shows a laundry list of seemingly dream specs for the upcoming phone, possibly, some would... Continue reading

Samsung extends to the power of 5 with a new Samsung Unpacked teaser

The Samsung Unpacked 5 event scheduled for the first day of Mobile World Congress was first announced a week ago and today Samsung has continued to build hype for the event that's widely believed to be the event that launches the new Samsung flagship the Galaxy S5. The above teaser was released across all of Samsung's social media accounts - Google+, Twitter and Facebook. The new teaser really emphasises the 5 theme, with all the icons - labelled Speed, Outdoor, Curiosity, Fun, Social, Style, Privacy, Fitness and Life - receiving a power of 5 addition. The new... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 101 – Fappy Bird

Welcome to episode 101 of the Ausdroid podcast! This week Jason, Geoff and Dan took a look at the latest news from the Android world. Topics: Motorola purchased by Lenovo for $2.91b Google opens Chromecast SDK up to all developers Pebble App Store now live, just not for Android (but it's OK because it's now in beta?) HTC Rumours: M8 on-screen buttons, Late March launch in NYC Samsung Rumours: Unpacked5 event at Mobile World Congress may see Galaxy S5 launch Red Nexus 5 Rumours: Heading to Google Play on Feb 5 (hey, that rumour turned... Continue reading

Telstra says “me too” to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 LTE

Telstra has joined Optus in offering Samsung's 8.0-inch version of its Galaxy Tab 3 tablet on contract. Prospective purchasers can find the device on Telstra's site, where on-contract pricing ranges from $52/month for 1GB of data to $107/month for 15GB of data. The contracts have no upfront purchase cost and run for 2 years (24 months). Telstra also points out that users will get an additional 50GB of storage space for 2 years with Dropbox, in what seems to be a standard offering for Samsung devices these days. You'll find the full specs for the Galaxy... Continue reading

Samsung schedules ‘Unpacked 5′ event for first day of Mobile World Congress

Samsung has just announced that their next Unpacked event - Unpacked 5 - is scheduled to take place at 8PM CET in Barcelona on the 24th of February - the first day of Mobile World Congress. The Unpacked events have so far been held to announce some pretty high flying devices, such as the Galaxy S series phones, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Gear. Just what an event called 'Unpacked 5' could show us is well, time to use your imagination, but bear in mind Samsung loves to include hints in their announcements. While most of us can't be there in... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 100 – Lucas still has his Xperia Play

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Ausdroid podcast! 100 episodes. We'll just let that sink in there. Our little podcast has grown up so fast! This week Lucas joined us to celebrate our milestone along with Jason, Geoff, Phil and Scott took a look at the news from the first Ausdroid podcast as well as some more current events. Topics: Ausdroid Podcast 001 - Is that a train I hear? Samsung: Oops, we did break third-party accessories AOKP founder defects to Cyanogen Inc HTC rumours: Telstra testing new phone, >colourful new phones, and the... Continue reading

Samsung announces leather back Black edition of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini for Russia

Seems that Samsung has gone on a bit of a spree, announcing new phones in Eastern Europe, first the Galaxy Note 3 Neo in Poland and now they've announced Black faux leather backed versions of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini for the Russian market. The Specifications on both the devices appear to not differ from their previously released versions - the Galaxy S4 Black even retains the GT-i9505 model # - with the major stand out feature on both being the faux leather back. This of course brings both the devices in line with the Galaxy Note... Continue reading

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 3 Neo in Poland in 3G and LTE versions

The rumour of a lower end version of the Galaxy Note 3 has been floating around for a while now and it's finally surfaced in Poland, with the Polish Samsung site announcing the phone in two different flavours - LTE+ and 3G. The versions actually differ little in specs apart from their CPU - the 3G version coming with a 1.6GHz Quad-Core CPU, widely believed to be an Exynos based processor, while the LTE+ version comes with a Hex-Core SoC which seems to be using the BIGlittle ARM idea pairing dual A15 cores clocked at 1.7GHz with four A7... Continue reading