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Daily Archives: 8 April 2013

Early build of Facebook Home finds its way onto the internet

If you're looking to get your hands on Facebook Home a tad early, then you can now do so. Thanks to a handy leak, the 3 APKs have been uploaded onto the majestic thing...

HTC’s profit falls to lowest level on record, One delay to blame

The delay of the HTC One has hit home hard for HTC, with their profits hitting their lowest levels ever at just $2.7 million (AUD) for the last quarter -- a decrease of 98%....

Samsung confirms Galaxy S 4 will launch in Australia with Snapdragon Series 600 CPU,...

Samsung Australia have confirmed what we already knew, the Galaxy S 4 will launch in Australia equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Series 600 CPU clocked at 1.9GHz and it will support 4G LTE on all...

HP replaces the Pavillion 14(C001TU) with the Pavillion 14(C005TU) – now with SSD

HP has i HP Pavillion Chromebook removing all references to the HP Pavillion 14(C001TU) from their website, replacing it back in June with the HP Pavillion 14(C005TU). The major difference between them is that the...

Vodafone joins 4G party; LTE to roll out from June

Vodafone do not have the best reputation in the Australian mobile industry, but they are working really hard at improving the quality of their service. Although they're a bit behind the competition - Telstra...

Get hands on with the HTC One at a Vodafone store near you

HTC Australia has advised today via Twitter that their newest flagship phone - the HTC One - is now available to experience at selected Vodafone stores in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia...

Nexus 4 returns to Harvey Norman website for pre-order

The Nexus 4 has been added back to the Harvey Norman webpage for people looking to pre-order the Google flagship device. Removed from the Harvey Norman website only two weeks after it was first...

Further evidence of unified Google Messaging system ‘Babel’ surfaces in screenshot

The release of a Google Messaging system named 'Babel' that unifies Google Messaging apps such as Google Messaging, GTalk and other Google Chat services seems pretty certain at this stage. A search for the...

Google Staff now ‘Dog-Fooding’ new Google Play Store for Android

We first saw evidence of a new Google Play re-design last month in the form of a video walk through. But it appears that the new Google Play Store for Android is in the...

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