If you’re looking to get your hands on Facebook Home a tad early, then you can now do so. Thanks to a handy leak, the 3 APKs have been uploaded onto the majestic thing we call the internet for everyone to download and install onto their devices. We’re currently unsure of which devices the APKs can be installed on, though it has been successfully tested on a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4.

To get Facebook Home working, just download the launcher, Facebook app, and Facebook Messenger and install them all — you may need to uninstall Messenger and the main Facebook app if you already have them installed. Let us know how it goes!

Update :
Looks like Facebook has switched something off, according to a post from TechCrunch it appears that all of the leaked builds have gone dark. Paul O’brien from Modaco who originally got a hold of the software advised via twitter :

Paul has advised that he is looking into the blackout and will advise when he has something to share, but he has confirmed the issues are definitely server side. So, if you’re keen to try out Facebook home you may just have to wait a little longer.

Source: MoDaCo.
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    Timothy Westman

    I am really ready to give Facebook the flick as it is… I am sick to death of their pathetic marketing… In the past week i have been bombarded with gambling advertising and online dating… To be Honest… I just don’t think i really need Facebook in my life and i certainly don’t need it taking over my phone with more crap…

    Nathan Elcoate

    So how do you save the launcher file off mobile? Only option is to Import File? Launcher is only 36KB, is that right?

    Sean Royce

    I don’t think I’ll be trying this. I try not to get on Facebook as it is.


    Doesn’t work for me on the S3. When installed it’s icon is an android and when clicked it says take me to builds page.


    Clear defaults for your current launcher.


    So much hatin on this on the web but for those who actually use fb, this could potentially be a huge selling point for android and bring users from other os’s.
    My friends are iphoner’s and fb is by far the most checked thing on their phone so I think they’d actually love the integration.
    Rows of icons on the home screen gets pretty damn boring.

    Caius Newton-Smart

    Was literally searching for a leak this afternoon, and then this pops up.


    Works fine on Samsung Galaxy note 1

    Nils Mueller

    Didn’t work.


    Not touching Facebook Home – even the final release. It’s a virus that’s about to take over way too many devices.